Designing Mobile Apps

What Are The Top 10 Most Important Considerations For Designing Mobile Apps?

Before you start building your mobile app, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid significant issues. In this blog, we shall share some essential things that will help you make a better mobile app. You can follow these considerations as guidelines for yourself.

Designing Mobile Apps

1: Concept Proofing

First and foremost, you should be asking a critical question about the app. Is my mobile application can solve a problem or a challenge in the current or future scenario? This is very necessary that you are 100% percent sure about your app’s ability. This is the far most important thing to clear in your mind. But sadly, many immature start-ups ignore this consideration. And, this mistake causes them very immensely.  

2: Target Audience

The next very crucial thing you must consider as an app developer is your target audience. Sometimes an individual with a unique idea thinks he has found a way to turn the tables on. If you have found a fantastic idea, but it does not mean that your work is done. You must be familiar with or know the three-liners word that can change your quest at any time. First, you should ”know your audience”. Most of the time, the developers and start-ups avoid this consideration. This is very important for the success of your app to know who your audience is. Many times, the ideas are related to a specific reason or cause but a specified audience. Only at the time of designing the marketing plan does the target audience become significant. Generally, you should keep your ideal audience in your mind. These are the people who will decide your app’s success.

You should make your app more desirable. You need to ensure that you are offering your audience what they want. This is very important if you wish to more downloads of your app. If you do not know how to recognize your ideal audience. We shall help you in this regard, and you do not need to worry. All you would need is to do a little research to find out your specified audience. You can do it during the process or even after the process once you have completed your research and your ideal audience. You can now jump to the design and feature functions of our mobile app.

3: Mobile platforms

The success of your mobile app will depend upon different factors. The first factor is which mobile platform you will target. Today we live in a digital era, and we have many known operating systems. But there are two very famous who dominate the competition, one is Android, and the other is iOS. So, you will decide which mobile platform you want to choose for your mobile app.

If you want to develop a mobile application development in Florida for a particular platform. Then you will use the language which supports their system. So, for instance, if you see the iOS app, they are based on Swift or Objective-C. And on the other end, the Android apps are based on Java and Kotlin. So you can call these app natives as well.

After this, you may ponder that this is easy and possible to develop an app with just a single language for both platforms. Yes, you thought it right. As the world is going digital rapidly, and the mobile application sector is also evolving. So, the app developers in Florida thought, why not create a single app for this purpose. An app that a mobile app developer could utilize for cross-platform as well. And that’s how we got cross-platforms. For instance, Ionic, Xamarin, and many more, and we call it Hybrid.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every platform. First, as a business owner or developer, you will have to identify the solid base of each forum. Then, you will have to decide the platform based on your app needs. But it is a bit difficult to get a proper understanding of platforms based on advantages and disadvantages.

4: Database

We are sure you have witnessed that nowadays more and more people are relying on mobile applications. If people find out some bugs in your app. They will directly uninstall it until and unless your apps like Uber and Airbnb concept and trustworthy. As a result, when it comes to your app’s performance, having a fast database is critical.

There are some factors which you should keep in your mind when you are choosing the Database.

  • Data structure
  • Size of data to be stored
  • Speed and scalability
  • Accessibility of data
  • Safety and security of data and more

5: Accepting Payments

Today people are so busy that they do not have time for themselves. We live in the modern world, where things are going digital like crazy. Online shopping and e-commerce have become an essential part of people.

Nowadays, people count on them and do their shopping. Mobile app developers realized this, and they decided to integrate the option of online payment into apps. This gave a free hand to customers to pay online quickly without any hustle for their desired goods and brands. You can also book tickets, pay your bills, and much more in just a few clicks on your apps. You cannot and never miss integrating the online payment feature in your app. You must add this functionality to your app to stay in business. And, of course, to gain the trust of the people.

6: Security

Mobile applications nowadays carry a considerable amount of personal data. If you come to know about this, you may faint down. These applications have your location, your favorite places, food, bank account, social media passwords, and whatnot. The security of these has gone advanced to some extent. But this is a hot topic and stays in the discussion now and then. If you face this issue as an app developer, you need to solve this issue at once. This may prove to be the reason to stop you from going ahead in the competition.

7: Design

You should try to create a simple design for your mobile app. This will enhance the clarity of your mobile app. Your user will enjoy your app more and feel aesthetic. The interface of the mobile app presents your idea. So, this is important that you convey your app in the best way possible. We shall share some advice with you in this blog. And when you follow them, you’ll have a stunning mobile design capable of expanding and engaging your audience.

Content is your interface.

You should try your best to avoid unnecessary elements which could trouble your audience. If you can do this, so your users will be able to enjoy your content.

Use a single input field whenever possible

If you are making a little complex app with one, two, or three fields. And to force your users to switch moods now and then. Then, they may quit your app due to a terrible user interface. So, you should avoid this significant problem and try to reduce the switch moods feature.

Create a conversation flow

To make a friendly user mobile application. You should try to make your mobile extremely friendly user. The information of your application should go in such a way that the user can feel it properly. Your information on the app should make your users realize as they are talking to friends.

Don’t overuse push notifications

If you want to make a mobile app for yourself as an individual or a business owner. Then you must keep one thing in your mind from this whole blog, if not anything else. You must not push notifications to your users. This unprofessional behavior of your app will make your user sick of your app. Therefore, you should make sure you do not annoy your user with some useless and unimportant notifications. This is one major problem you must avoid if you don’t want to lose your users.

8: Future-proofing

User experience is as vital as developing an app. The goal is not just to make a product that your user is looking for. This is also important to keep in mind that how it will bring a profit. So, you can use this profit for the further development of your app. The more and early you will make and get your profit, the more you can work on your app. In addition, you can enhance certain functionality of your app with your profit. Nowadays, mobile app marketing has giants like Uber and Amazon. Even the best software requires considerable marketing efforts in today’s extremely competitive app industry.

9: Getting it built: should you learn to code?

The big problem is that most of the people are mot coders. So, the first option is you can find an expert for your app. Or, you can watch the free course and tutorials. If you learn by yourself so, it will take time to learn stuff. So, it’s better to hire an expert for your project rather than learning yourself and wasting your time.

10: Monetization and Beyond

You can find any open-source software easily on the internet. So, the question is if the customer has most of the stuff for free on the internet. How can I monetize my app? You can do few things to make money with your app and ask your user to pay for you.

  • In-App advertising
  • In-App purchases
  • Paid app download

To monetize your app and make money out of it. There are three ways you can do to your app. One is, you can run advertisements with your app of any other company or brand. The second is an In-app purchase where you offer more functionalities and charge for them. And the third way is, you can make your app paid if somebody downloads it. Then They will need to pay for your app.

Let’s get started with the project today and see how much money you can generate from a single app

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Fashion Marketing Manager

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Fashion Marketing Manager?

Do you have an eye for spotting the latest fashion trends and styles? Are you passionate about bringing fashion within the reach of every person on this planet? Do you like following different fashion brands and their marketing pages? Do you want an exciting career where you can merge your passion for fashion and business?

Fashion Marketing Manager

If your answer’s yes to any of the above questions, a career in fashion marketing management could be perfect for you. Fashion marketers work with large fashion brands like Zara and H&M to improve their image among the common people and positively influence customer reactions to their products.

As a fashion marketing manager, you could be overseeing the branding and marketing campaigns of these companies as well as the efforts to improve customer experiences.

However, becoming a competent fashion marketing manager is easier said than done. Your preparation for fashion marketing management should not be limited to just pursuing a fashion marketing course. The job role also requires you to have essential skills like high levels of patience, acuity and vision.

Read ahead to learn some important skills that are essential for the role of a fashion marketing manager.

  1. Branding strategy

Branding strategy refers to your ability of telling your brand’s story or legacy with tools like company logo, specific colours, sounds or marketing campaigns. Effective branding strategy allows you to make your brand renowned and unmistakable with others. Some successful branding strategies in the fashion world include the swoosh of Nike and the bold letters of H&M.

Being good at branding strategy allows you to be good at story telling with your products or services. It also allows you to deliver a timeless core message succinctly, making your brand desirable to customers.

  1. Marketing and communication skills

Stellar selling and communication skills are key to a marketing role in any industry including the fashion domain. As a fashion marketing manager, you need to understand the significance of the art of pitching new ideas and be well-versed in it.

Good marketing and communication skills can allow you to be precise, confident and succinct in your pitch which can better impress your clients. Effective communication skills can allow you to deliver on your deadlines and manage issues in resource supply, timelines and costs.

Negotiation skills are also a part of the communication skillset required for fashion marketing managers. These can help you get deals and clients on your terms.

  1. Business development skills

Fashion outfits or accessories are more than just products. They are cultural ideas that can push the boundaries of the fashion world.

Even if you are involved in the marketing side of business, you should have a fair knowledge of how fashion products move from sketches on a designer’s pad to the consumers. Business development skills can help you understand your product thoroughly and market it appropriately.

Apart from these skills, you also require high levels of problem-solving skills, organisational skills, an entrepreneurial vision and people management skills.

Pursuing a fashion marketing course can help you acquire many of these skills and hone them to perfection. Invest in an appropriate fashion marketing programme today to begin your career in the fashion world.

Business General Degree

Business General Degree: What is a Business General degree? What are the career prospects?

A business general degree is not the same as a business specialization. In a business specialty, a student specializes in a particular area of business—accounting, finance, marketing, operations etc. A business general course is less defined but holds good merit. It offers more flexibility to your career by providing a great understanding of various business aspects, which helps you to operate in different areas comfortably. Business generals also learn about the production, buying, and selling of goods et cetera besides accounting and organization.

Business General Degree

A specialized business degree is a more defined and distinct career path. One can specialize in a particular business field like finance or marketing et cetera. and work as a specialist in that area. Graduates of business general also become excellent managers as they know enough about every aspect, and the skills of the people they work with, a business graduate can give better directions to their teammates.

If you are looking for a good business general program to start your career, this article is for you. Read to know more about business general degree and your prospects with it.

How is a Business General different from a Specialist?

Graduates with a general degree in business are more flexible and quick to make transitions in their careers. Every organization needs talent with flexibility and other soft skills. However, a general does not possess technical skills with the same depth as a specialist because a specialist has spent their entire time honing these skills.

With a generalist degree, you can enjoy more freedom with choosing your electives. Students learn excellent soft skills such as time management, teamwork, creative and critical thinking, communication, networking, problem-solving, conflict resolution etc. They are not technically skilled like the specialists, but soft skills are equally valuable in business management today.

What are the career prospects with a Business general degree?

In a general program, students learn varied subjects like management, finance, accounting, marketing, etc. As a result, graduates are qualified for multiple positions in different professions.

A business degree graduate can work as a business analyst, financial analyst, project manager, marketing manager, sales manager etc.

A business analyst is a professional who uses his business expertise to understand trends and market behaviour etc. These professionals have research skills, critical thinking, and a great sense of business to deliver creative business solutions and decide on prospects such as where to expand.

An account manager’s role may vary from one employer to the other. Usually, it has both sales work and maintaining communication with the customers. Marketing managers study the industry trends to decide on the best marketing strategies for the brand.

 A generalist degree also offers ample opportunity for developing a number of skills like public speaking skills, mentorship, motivation skills etc. Participate in community activities to highlight these skills. These are high in demand and are greatly valued in business leaders.

There are multiple exciting career prospects with a general business degree. Enroll today and start your next big journey.

Part Time Degree Course In Singapore

Benefits Of Studying A Part Time Degree Course In Singapore

Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, the Republic of Singapore is the most is best known for cleanliness, greenery, vibrant culture and modernity. The city-state is also a favourite study destination for international students. With a world-class education system and a cutting-edge academic curriculum, Singapore attracts many international students from Asia. According to International Trade Administration, Singapore is home to over 50,000 international students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea and China. Among various other disciplines, the majority of the international students prefer studying part time degree courses in Singapore.

Part Time Degree Course In Singapore

Now, you must be wondering about the benefits of studying a part-time degree course in Singapore. Therefore, we have prepared a list of benefits that might encourage you to study a part-time degree course in Singapore.

  1. Hassle-free learning

As technology is evolving with each passing day, the education sector is also expanding virtually. The industry presents a golden opportunity for ambitious working professionals to upskill their knowledge from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, part-time degree courses in Singapore are the best option for working professionals to upgrade their careers without leaving their jobs.

  1. Flexible in nature

A full-time degree course is not a conducive idea if you have plans to upgrade your skills along with a job. As many a time, you will have to attend meetings, meet deadlines and focus on work. Therefore, part-time degree courses help ambitious working professionals to upskill their knowledge simultaneously without disturbing the work. In addition, choosing a part-time degree course can immensely benefit those professionals who do not want to disturb other priorities and commitments while meeting their educational needs.

  1. Affordable

Educational programmes are getting expensive with each passing year. Students have to take many competitive entrance examinations to get a top-notch education at a cost-effective tuition fee. So, students prefer to enrol in part-time degree courses to survive in the ever-evolving job market without wasting their precious time preparing for entrance exams. Since the value of a part-time degree course is equivalent to the full-time degree programme, many professionals prefer it to enhance their skill set and knowledge.

  1. Provides networking opportunity

Networking plays a crucial role in the success of an individual. It allows professionals access to opportunities that they might not be able to find on their own. Building networks with other professionals will provide insight into other fields and open doors to a broad range of career opportunities. The part-time degree programmes provide platforms to build networks with their professors, industry veterans and other professionals.

  1. Access to wide range of career programmes

Many professionals have to give up on their idea of upskilling due to the limited range of programmes in their interested areas. Therefore, some leading business schools in Singapore has introduced part-time degree course in over 10 ten disciplines, including accounting and finance, hospitality and logistics to help professionals enhance their existing skillset.

Part-time degree courses in Singapore are worth your investment as it helps professionals climb the career ladder as per their convenience. So, lead ahead in your career by enrolling in a part-time degree course right away.

MBA Online

10 Reasons to Get Your MBA Online

If you want to widen your scope in diverse professions but don’t have the resources or the required timeframe to attend classes, an online MBA may be the best option. The online MBA program is faster than the traditional MBA program and you can expect to explore numerous options after signing up for the one. You must go through the below mentioned reasons why an online MBA programs are growing in popularity, which may lend a hand in determining whether or not to pursue one.

MBA Online

  1. Advance your career: An MBA is indeed a game-changer in your professional career. With an MBA, you’ll have access to a plethora of options for a promotion that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Most companies now consider a Master of Business Administration degree to be the minimum requirement for senior management and top leadership positions, as it demonstrates an individual’s ability to set a primary goal and stick to it until it is achieved, as well as explaining that the staff member has all of the requisite expertise and experience as well.
  2. Recognized program: There are a plethora of recognized MBA programs to choose from. Compared to the widespread assumption of online MBA programs were only a fraud concocted by unaccredited credential firms used to offer such online programs. Almost all the major business schools are expected to implement online MBA programs as the popularity of such courses is increasing exponentially.
  3. Same curriculum: You can access these programs from wherever you want and get the same prospectus similar to the traditional coursework of the MBA program. The majority of the institutions in the top-ranking provide online MBA students with the same training that they are supposed to deliver to their on-campus students, administered by the very same staff.
  4. No need to relocate: This means you won’t have to spend the same relocating charges if you intend to pursue this online program.
  5. Freedom to work: You can migrate or switch professions and still accomplish your dream of pursuing an MBA because online MBA programs are not restricted to a particular location.
  6. Flexible scheduling: An online MBA is among the most adaptable MBA programs available. You may want to be a part of any organization or work for diverse domains as it offers this opportunity to fit into every other industry.
  7. Affordability: They are often less expensive than traditional MBA programs as there are fewer infrastructure expenses involved with online MBA programs. You also won’t be paying any fees for on-campus services like the library or the wifi. You won’t have to pay any commute expenses either.
  8. Access to more resources: A typical classroom does not have nearly as many instructional materials like an online learning program. You’ll have access to important teaching technologies that will enable users to interact more with your lecturer as well as the other participants in your program. This may be really beneficial in terms of learning and reviewing your assignments.
  9. Travel wherever you want: You may enroll in classes while on the road. Students in many online MBA programs attend their courses while on official business trips.
  10. Get your degree sooner: You might be able to get an online MBA degree quicker than a standard MBA degree. A typical MBA usually takes two years to complete, however, an online MBA may be completed in as little as nine months, considering an individual’s capacity and dedication.

Since these programs are cheaper allowing you to fulfill all your prior commitments, online MBA graduates usually have an easier time paying off their college loans as well. So, sign up for the course now!

Journalism in Digital Publishing

7 Exciting Professions You Can Go For After Journalism in Digital Publishing

The advent of technology and the rise of the internet have transformed the world. From banking to business, every sector has gone digital. Digitalization has opened new avenues for businesses across the globe. Journalism is one of such professions that digitalization has benefited. Journalism in digital publishing has become an attraction for aspiring media students looking for a rewarding career.

Journalism in Digital Publishing

In India, the media industry is expanding online. With the emergence of digitalization in the nation, almost every media platform like newspapers, magazines, radio, and television converges to digital platforms. The new platform requires media professionals with advanced digital skills for producing, sharing, and monetizing content. Students willing to learn the tools and techniques needed to create or manage digital content online can pursue B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication in Digital Publishing program.

Journalism in digital publishing: Career Opportunities

  1. Content Writer: In content writing, professionals perform thorough research to write well-structured content, keeping their target audience in mind. The content of these professionals is generally unique and engaging in nature. They work for certain companies that provide information about their products, services, or ideas to their target consumers.
  1. Blogger: There are several blog publishing services such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Gator, or Medium that provide platforms to publish and build their content. Usually, bloggers research, generate, and pitch ideas for posts. They educate and aware people or share experiences about the products, places, foods, or other services. They also advertise with the help of their blogs and earn money through advertisements.
  1. YouTubers: Popularly known as YouTube content creators, YouTubers are the ones who create video content on the social media platform ‘YouTube’. They create videos to entertain or inform people. The number of followers, views, and likes are their primary sources of income. It is one of the most exciting jobs in this digital era.
  1. Freelance Writer: These professionals write content for different companies without being on fixed payroll. They are self-employed and write content for money. They usually charge per word and work from home or some rented office. There is no fixed salary for them, and they earn as much as they work. They can write for magazines, newspapers, or some websites of companies.
  1. News Producer: As media houses are expanding online, they hire news producers or writers to work for their digital platforms. News Producers write, edit, or translate news content and publish it on the websites for the public. They work for a particular media company on a fixed salary. They are also responsible for creating an online news bulletin.
  1. Content Manager: These professionals are responsible for creating and managing digital content strategically. They usually manage content in a Content Managing System (CMS). They are highly skilled, well organized, and possess ideas for SEO and content monetization.
  1. Social Media Manager: The role of social media manager varies from business to business. Social media managers promote brands by increasing traffic to the website. For example, social media managers share news on different social media platforms in media houses to reach more audiences.

Interested candidates can explore colleges in Dehradun to pursue journalism in a digital publishing program. Apply now!

Best Night Vision

Choosing the Smartest Options for The Best Night Vision

If you want a night visor for extreme activities, you should look for a very resistant product. That’s why we show you this Firefield option, which employs an electro-optical intensifier tube in a waterproof composite structure. In addition, it withstands extreme field conditions.

Best Night Vision

The equipment is straightforward to use and has a capacity of five magnifications. Its objective lenses have a diameter of 50 millimetres. His vision reaches 197 yards (180.13 meters). Let’s not forget also its compact and lightweight size (544.31 grams / 30.48 x 22.86 x 12.7 centimeters). Choosing the night vision for airsoft happens to be most important here.

Do you like to practice airsoft?

So, you will need the best viewer. Therefore, we want to introduce you to this field option. It is a monocular with up to 5x magnification. In addition, it is resistant and has been designed to withstand different types of conditions.

Each objective lens has a diameter of 50 millimetres, with lines of resolution of 36 mm. In addition, it offers an observation distance of 197 yards. It’s also lightweight, weighing in at 15.2 ounces (430.91 grams). Its size is 2.4 x 8 x 3.7 inches (6.1 x 20.32 x 9.4 cm).

Night vision devices have become popular in recent years. Previously, they were reserved only for some professional uses. Therefore, it is expected that many buyers do not have an excellent knowledge of its operation. So that you can get out of doubt, if this is your case, we prepare this section.

What are night goggles, to be exact?

Night vision goggles are electronic devices that amplify the existing ambient light at night, either infrared or night. In this way, they allow seeing in conditions in which the human eye usually cannot, being able to offer sharp images even in the worst environmental conditions.

How do night vision goggles work? 

The operation of the night visors is not very complicated. We will summarize it for you in a few steps below.

Night viewers have a conventional lens or objective that collects the photons that make up the existing night light and captures some near-infrared light.

What are the uses of night visors?

Night vision goggles have a wide variety of uses and applications. In addition, in recent years, these have been increasing considerably. The most common are the following:

The military uses: They can be monoculars placed on a weapon or as spectacles in the form of glasses. They offer a significant advantage in combat or night raids. Without a doubt, it is its best-known use.

For exploration: They are an excellent tool for nocturnal nature explorations, whether professional or amateur excursions.

For fauna observation: They are essential to observe, photograph, and record fauna, especially those whose lives mainly occur at night.

For security: The surveillance cameras have night vision systems. Also, in certain facilities, the guards themselves can use night vision goggles.

For forest security: They can be used to detect poachers and thus prevent any action they may take at night.

For maritime navigation and safety at sea: They allow to improve the safety of vessels during the night in manoeuvres and even to avoid possible collisions. In addition, they are of great help to find and rescue people who may be at sea.

For recreational use: Many airsoft players use the cheapest models for their night games.

When these photons enter the intensifier tube of the viewer, they are transformed into electrons. When passing through the line, these electrons release other electrons from their atoms, multiplying their number by thousands. To do this, a microchannel plate is used, also called MCP, for its acronym in English.Later, through an electrochemical process, the electrons are passed through a phosphor screen that turns them into the light.Finally, an image is displayed, usually in light green, of what appears in the dark. This image can be viewed directly through the eyepiece or an electronic screen.

Contactless Payment

What is Contactless Payment? Why it is Crucial for Your Delivery Business

Apart from washing hands and maintaining social distance, COVID has taught us many other things that were not in the limelight earlier. People have started using smartphones for most of their daily work, such as bill payment, buying groceries, ordering food, banking transactions, and much more.

Contactless Payment

Besides, to survive during this difficult time, businesses have adopted a digital approach. During the outbreak, eCommerce and online delivery business booming because it allows people to get anything at their doorstep and keeps them safe. In addition to that, businesses also find this idea interesting as they can earn additional income by serving people at their homes.

In order to prevent virus spread and direct touch with customers, norms like “contactless delivery” and “contactless payment” have come into existence. Credit goes to modern technology solutions that have made it possible for businesses to accept contactless payments by having users simply enter the pin to make a payment.

Isn’t it fascinating? Indeed. Moreover, it also ensures quick, secure, and accurate payment between business owners and customers.

How Outbreak Paved the Way for Digital Payments

The pandemic has not only affected people’s lives but also affected the way people interact with money. To minimize the chance of getting infected by a virus, consumers opt for digital payment options such as a link-based payment system or through a card.

According to MarketWatch’s research, the global digital payment market is estimated to grow a CAGR of 14.1% during the projected period (2018-2023).

As cornerstone digitization for economic development, contactless payments have promoted security and efficiency in the transactions. Moreover, it offers specific benefits to businesses also such as

  • Decrease cost
  • Promote transparency
  • Saves time
  • Streamlined payment system

Contactless Payment Flow

Here you can see the frequency of mobile payment across the globe and the adoption rate is highest in the Asia Pacific and Latin America. Now coming to our main question. We all know that the online delivery business is growing as, without physical touch, customers can buy and get things online. If you are new to the online delivery business or already engaged with it, you should now offer customers maximum payment options to build brand advocacy. (source)

Besides restaurants and retailers offering contactless payment options to customers, cafes, pizzerias, and bakery shops offer multiple digital payment options to their customers. And this is not only limited to the online delivery business but brands like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, etc., have integrated QR scan code systems in their digital kiosk.

As it promotes safety and security, many food business owners want to integrate as much as digital payment options in their pizza delivery system because it allows customers to pay without fear of being affected.

If you are running an online delivery business and not offering contactless payment options to customers, you may not enjoy the below benefits mentioned.

Swift and Simple

Now imagine this scene:

You have ordered food online from a nearby restaurant. The delivery provider arrives with the parcel, standing at your door, and you don’t have enough exchange for making payment. Imagine how horrible it would be? Here digital payment comes to the rescue.

Whether you are buying food or groceries, you no longer need to carry huge cash with you. Making online payments is quick and secure in comparison to using cash. You can make payment within seconds, and there is no need to carry a lot of exchange around. You also no need to enter card details each time; enter once and often pay without any limits.

If you offer this level of convenience to customers, will they go anywhere else? Obviously, No. contactless payment accelerates your business sales and generates leads because modern customers seek a quick solution to everything and expect the same thing from the seller.

Less Spread of Virus

In the current unhealthy and socially distancing environment, limiting direct touch or physical contact to prevent the spread of the virus is of utmost importance.

By leveraging a contactless payment method for your delivery business, you don’t have to handle transactions manually or with your hands. It keeps you, your delivery provider, and your customer safe and prevents germs from spreading during transactions. In comparison to cash transactions, contactless payments are secure and offer a great level of protection for your delivery business.

In order to promote safety, many food delivery companies such as Zomato, GrubHub, Swiggy, UberEats, etc., have started offering contactless payment services as it keeps both parties safe and allows customers to order food without any hesitation.

Ease of Use

Ease of use and convenience are two major factors that have given a push to the online delivery business. It is no longer hidden that digital processes, digital solutions, and digital payments are seamless and highly convenient. This is why GenZ prefers to make payments through digital options.

However, older generation people who were earlier apprehensive towards online payments have also found QR code and e-wallet methods super easy. Thanks to an outbreak that has promoted the cashless concepts across the globe.

Better Customer Experience

Contactless Payment Flow 1

As mentioned earlier, most customers prefer online ordering because it accomplishes tasks or operations in the least possible time. Due to a fast-paced lifestyle, customers also want to finish their transactions in minimal time, so the more comfortable experience you offer, the happier customers become. (source)

Contactless payment continues to grow because it allows customers to purchase goods quickly. Moreover, they can avail several discounts and offerings. Now, who doesn’t like to get attractive rewards in advance for their next purchase? Are we all right?

Furthermore, it prevents errors and fraud during the transactions so customers won’t feel fear regarding data leaks or security. This will increase customer satisfaction and leads to more sales in the long-run.

Will Contactless Payment Continue in 2021?

Looking at the current scenario, cash is in decline, and contactless payments are rapidly taking over the market. Taking your business online is mandatory these days because customers prefer doorstep delivery rather than visiting stores. They also expect to be able to use safe and secure payment systems for the smooth checkout process.

Modern businesses have realized the importance of offering contactless payment to their customers as it helps them reclaim lost business and capture attractive ROI.

Author Bio

Brijesh Vadukiya

I am Brijesh, a tech activist and avid blogger. My major concern is to educate people who are interested in technology. I am passionate about helping people in all aspects of SaaS solutions, online delivery business, digital marketing and other related topics that make tomorrow’s world better. I am fond of writing useful and informative content that helps brands to grow business.

Custom Rigid Boxes

How Custom Rigid Packaging can boost your Skincare Business

People, especially women are crazy over their self care and well being. Whenever an item from cosmetic range or self care launches their excitement is over the moon. Before even trying the product, they seem to analyze it by its packaging, creating a luxury packaging for the brand that can do wonders to the sales and marketing levels is the most popular tactic of developing brands. Mainly Rigid Boxes are one type of popular packaging option used in skincare ranges.

Moreover, creating a large audience of fans and a loyal number of brand ambassadors is not easy. It requires a lot of work and moreover it requires a strong emphasis on cosmetic and skincare packaging which is crucial for branding.

Human brain perceives visuals more quickly than the physical state of a thing, that’s why most people tend to buy things that appeal them visually more before even checking the product itself.

Getting a customer purchasing a product and then recommending it to a friend or another person is a very hard thing in itself. But it can all become easy when there’s good branding and packaging at your hand, everyone especially teenage girls are fond of good skincare and grooming products. Custom Rigid Boxes or your custom luxury packaging can make it extra special and promote it to greater levels, more than it could have been with simple packaging designs.

Skincare industry is extra vast and wide, it stretches beyond borders with many competitors, as there are an infinite number of brands who are willing to spend millions of dollars each year on their marketing and branding campaigns, it gets difficult for developing and small businesses to get recognition.

In order to stand among the crowd and get into limelight, beauty and cosmetic industries need to set a legacy that is way different than other normal brands and help them to pertain their good position in marketing and the ever growing race among different brands.

Custom cosmetic packaging involves many options that can be taken into account when one skincare brand gets into the area of wrapping and packaging their normal ordinary products and premium, exclusive ones.

For faster recognition and brand’s promotion Rigid Boxes are Luxury Packaging Boxes that are mainly used to pack high end skincare and makeup products.

Main benefit of choosing a rigid box for skincare packaging is that there are endless arrays of options to choose from when one has different types of products and need variation in terms of design, customization and packaging.

Custom Rigid Boxes can be used and customized according to the preferences of brands and can be easily molded into perfect makeup and skincare packaging solutions.

There are various types of Rigid Boxes that can help in your skincare and makeup brand packaging. Different types of skincare products use and require assorted variations.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid Box Used As Serum Box

Serums are normally a concentrated liquid in the form of oil or gel that has skin activating chemicals, penetrating deep layers of skin, removing dead skin cells and helping the skin bring its natural glow and improve its health.

Setup or Rigid Boxes are also termed as premium and Luxury Packaging Boxes, many famous skincare brands have formulated different types of serums. Some are age defying, some to conceal wrinkles, some to provide elasticity, and many others helping skin to improve.

Many of these serums are photosensitive: they show great sensitivity to light. Thus they need to be kept safe at all costs from light and moisture. Hence the resistance and durability of Rigid Boxes come handy for these serum boxes.

Rigid Box for Double Cleansing System

Double cleansing system has been a popular skincare ritual originating from South Korea, it consists of an oil based cleansing balm and a gel based wash. It is a two step cleansing routine. Cleansing balm removes makeup and dirt while the post gel wash cleanses skin and gives a refreshed look.

These two skincare products are getting high and over growing demand as they work wonder for skin. Their sales can be doubled if one selects the right choice of packaging for them. Most brands are adapting Custom Printed Rigid Boxes with inserts. An insert for balm and another insert for wash are designed in a larger Rigid Box with a base and lid, so the product is elevated and highlighted when the box is to be opened.

Rigid Boxes provide durability and firmness thus it makes it easier for exporters to send these products packed in their original, exquisite way with the help of this type of Luxury Packaging Boxes.

Rigid Box for Foundations and Color Correcting Congealers

Our skin cannot be perfect, and to retain that confident self of one, many prefer to use foundations and skin correcting fluids. These skin correcting makeup balms and foundations come in handy sized bottles, these bottles cannot be openly distributed hence they ought to be packed in Custom Printed Boxes and then distributed widely through towns, cities and continents.

Rigid Box for Perfumes and Fragrances

Everyone loves to look good but only people who smell good can attract good company. A good scent and fragrance tells a lot about a person and its hygiene. Fragrances are a luxurious and supreme product. They are expensive products mostly common as gifts too; these premium products surely require a premium and supreme presentation.

 This is where Custom Rigid Boxes play their role by being a form of Premium and Luxury Packaging Boxes; they perfectly depict the legacy of specific premium scents.

Mostly large square Rigid Boxes with separate base and lid are used with inserts. Many famous fragrance companies are using Rigid Boxes as their main packaging box.

Custom Boxes can be customized in various assorted ways with personalized hand lettering, gold and silver accents to give the box a touch of royalty, many different colors and materials can be used to pop the product.

Rigid Box for Lipsticks and Glosses

Lipsticks are the one that complete your face look and take your makeup game to another level. A collection of lipsticks once introduced needs not much time to gain recognition and higher sales but when packed in the right type of chosen Custom Packaging Boxes, they will not only promote one’s brand but also can become identity for it.

Sliding or drawer Rigid Boxes are preferred for lipsticks to be distributed in, many brands use large and colorful texts in designs to gain immediate attention of consumers and lure them to buy their product.

Skincare Subscription Box

Last but not the least; Rigid Boxes are most famously used as subscription Custom Packaging Boxes too. Every month people tend to order things for their skin and it becomes easy when a company plans an assorted number of products to be delivered to the customer exclusively packed for them in a Custom Printed Rigid Box, that is indeed so eye catching and attractive that the buyer keeps it long after using the product even.

Rigid Boxes are the best option for premium and luxury products, due to their endless customization and design options, their resilience and durability, their sleek and perfect style and personalization choices; it is the recommended packaging box for your business!

2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images

{Happy} New Year Facebook Cover Photo and WhatsApp DP Images {*2021*}

Use of Facebook and Whatsapp is at the peak when it’s about celebration and how come New Year celebration be an exception to this! Many people love to update their Facebook Cover and Whatsapp DP specific to the event. So, we are providing you with the best collection of Happy New Year Facebook Cover and Happy New Year Whatsapp DP for 2021.

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Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo

Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 

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Download – Happy New Year WhatsApp DP Images

2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP

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Keep Your Dry, Flaky Skin Smooth and Hydrated

The Best Ways to Keep Your Dry, Flaky Skin Smooth and Hydrated

If you’re reading this article, you (or someone you know) probably has dry skin. Dry skin is usually genetic: your skin simply produces less sebum. Sebum is a lubricant, or natural oil, secreted by your sebaceous glands that traps moisture beneath it to keep skin hydrated.

Keep Your Dry, Flaky Skin Smooth and Hydrated

But wait, you might be thinking, I thought sebum caused acne, or was bad in some way. You’re partially right, because people with very oily skin have sebaceous glands that produce too much sebum, and this type of skin is more prone to acne. But too little sebum isn’t great, either, because just like Goldilocks, you need the “just right” about of sebum—not too little, not too much—to seal in moisture without excess grease and shine. Whether you’re young or old, regardless of what kind of skin you have, maintaining the right balance of moisture is absolutely vital for healthy, glowing skin. Hydrating skin is key.

Before we dive into the best moisturizing ingredients for dry skin, it’s important to eliminate any environmental causes, and any issues that should be addressed by a dermatologist or other healthcare professional.

Environmental/Health-Related Causes of Dry Skin:

– cold weather

– dry air

– lots of plane travel

– exposure to harsh chemicals in soaps or other products

– excessive face washing

– smoking

– spending too much time in the sun

– the following conditions: dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes, and hypothyroidism

Cold weather and dry air are climate-related, so unless you have a job and a lifestyle that allow you to migrate south like a bird, there’s probably not a whole lot you can do about your location, and you can simply use heavier, more hydrating moisturizers to compensate (same deal with plane travel). Likewise, if you have any of the health conditions mentioned above, please see a doctor and get expert advice on the right treatment plan. A great moisturizer will probably still help you, but the underlying conditions need to be treated as well for your dry skin to completely resolve.

On the other hand, sun exposure, chemical exposure, and excessive washing are all behaviors that you can change right away, so here’s what to do:

  • Limit sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. And no matter how much sun exposure you get, and whether your skin is dark or fair: wear SPF 30 to 50 on your face every day.
  • Don’t put any of the following harsh/drying agents on your skin: bleach, rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel. It’s also a good idea to avoid dyes, fragrances, parabens, pthalates, and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). These ingredients and chemicals, found in many skincare products, should be avoided and, if your skin is dry you should be especially careful to avoid any potential irritants, as dry skin is more easily irritated and these can cause itchy skin as well as other unwanted skin conditions.
  • Wash your face only once a day in the evening with a gentle cleanser, pat dry with a light touch, and apply a thick night cream within 60 seconds (to trap in moisture before it evaporates).
    Sleep with a humidifier in your room. This will emit moisturize into dry air and you will wake with more hydrated skin.
  • Avoid taking hot showers. Hot water dries face and body skin causing redness, irritation and itchy skin. Warm water is best for skin and will open pores, prepping it for a gentle cleanser.

Your Cleanser Should Also Moisturize

If you have dry skin, you want to use the gentlest possible cleanser with the simplest ingredients (again: avoid anything with alcohol, fragrances, parabens, pthalates, and sulfates). Every time you wash your face, you strip away a little of its natural sebum, so people with dry or very dry skin really only need to wash their skin once a day (see above for how). The best cleansers for people with dry or very dry skin will have a creamy consistency, and shouldn’t foam—it may feel a bit like you’re washing with a lotion. This is intentional—instead of stripping your skin, they’re leaving a layer of moisture, so your moisturizer doesn’t have to do all the work. Dry skin is also prone to flaking, so a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating scrub can be part of your skincare routine once a week or as needed.

You Really Need 2 Moisturizers

That’s right: a day moisturizer that you apply in the morning, and a night cream that you put on before bed. While it’s true that all moisturizers work in the same basic way— they supply a little bit of water along with some sort of fatty, oily, or greasy substance that holds the water in—the other functions of a day crema and night cream are very different. You (and your skin) do different things during daytime and nighttime, so each moisturizer targets different skincare needs.

Moisturizer #1: SPF Day Cream

Your day cream should protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, as well as hydrate and protect it from outside aggressors (pollution, light from screens and computers, etc) all day. To do these jobs effectively, your day cream should have SPF 30 to 50, moisturizing agents to keep skin hydrated, and antioxidants to fight environmental stress. To emphasize one last time how important it is to make sure your day cream has SPF, consider this sobering fact: sun exposure causes most of the skin changes that we think of as a normal part of aging. Eeeek.

Moisturizer #2: Night Cream

Your night cream should be thicker than your day cream, and its main job is to deeply moisturize and repair your skin while you sleep. Ideally, the main thing you’re doing at night is sleeping 8-9 hours, because sleep is when your whole body repairs itself, and your skin is no exception. A night cream with the right ingredients will maximize this process so that every morning, your skin feels dewy, soft, and rejuvenated. Apply your night cream (and any anti-aging serums or under-eye creams) about 15 minutes before lying down—that way, it can all be fully absorbed before you’re in dreamland.

The Absolute Best Moisturizing Ingredients For Dry Skin

Here’s our breakdown of what humectants, emollients, and occlusives are, and what roles they play in keeping skin hydrated. We’ve listed the best kinds of each for dry skin, so be sure to look for these on ingredient labels.


Humectants draw water from the environment into your skin, which makes them particularly effective moisturizers and a must-have for dry skin. Look for the following in your cleansers and moisturizers.: glycerin, hyaluronic acid, amino acids (urea), aloe vera gel, ceramides, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs—these include glycolic acid and lactic acid) and salicylic acid.

You might be wondering about the amino acids, AHAs and salicylic acid, because these are also used to slough off dead skin cells. Well, they multitask! These acids, (used in a lower concentration if your skin is very dry or irritated) are excellent mild exfoliants, but they also draw water to your skin. A win-win.


Emollients are generally oil-in-water or water-in-oil preparations. These are moisturizing elements that soften and smooth the uppermost layer of skin cells. As they spread over the skin, filling in miniscule cracks between cells, they help restore the skin barrier — which helps moisture stay put.

Great emollients for dry skin include: silicones, fatty acids (glycerides, sterols, and phospholipids, omega-3 and omega-6), squalene, non-fragrant oils (see antioxidants below), colloidal oatmeal, and plant butters such as shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba butter.

Antioxidants (many of these also act as emollients): coconut oil, borage seed oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, sunflower seed oil, cranberry seed oil, green tea extract, grape extract/resveratrol, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), vitamin E (sometimes called tocopherol), ferulic acid, quercetin, willow herb extract, feverfew extract, and licorice extract.

All of the above antioxidants can be added to day or night creams. We’d lean slightly toward using the plant oils at night, either in night creams or applied right before your night cream. The rest of the ingredients make excellent additions to day creams—especially vitamins C, E, and ferulic acid. Ferulic acid works to boost the activity of any other antioxidant you apply, so it’s a great addition. And all of these antioxidants brighten and soothe your skin, and help protect it from outer stressors.


Certain emollients are also “occlusive agents”—meaning they provide an even thicker layer of protection, acting as a physical barrier to prevent water loss from the skin’s surface. Common occlusive agents include waxes (carnauba and beeswax), silicone, oils (olive and soybean), dimethicone, and white petrolatum. Occlusives often boast a thick, heavy consistency when used topically, making them an ideal pick for very dry skin—and a better addition to night creams than day creams.

A Better Way?

The difficulty of decoding ingredient labels, and finding the right ingredient combinations for your skin on your own, is one of the big reasons PROVEN Skincare was founded. PROVEN’s in-house dermatologists use your skin quiz answers to make completely personalized set of skincare—a cleanser, day cream and night cream—with ingredients that are scientifically proven to work. (And they won’t sneak in any skin-irritating fragrances, either). Every PROVEN product is completely free of phthalates, parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and formaldehyde, and never tested on animals.

You’ll save time and money, but most importantly: you’ll see real results in your skin. We’re finally at a point where we can use science to personalize skincare, so it’s easier than ever to achieve a glowing complexion. Click here to learn more and get started—and make your dry skin a thing of the past, for good.


Leaving an Indelible Impression with your Lip Gloss Box

Every beauty brand dreams of becoming customer favorite yet there are not many that have actually managed to build rapport with the shoppers. Buyers for cosmetic items prefer products that are value for money. There are many ways like rewards, freebies, personalized communication and small gifts that makeup manufacturing companies use for retaining consumers. You have to develop a likable and unique affinity for your offerings to stir the interest of the cosmetic junkies and compel them into coming back for more.


Packaging is a great medium and tool to interact with the shoppers and create a desired perception about your products. If plumped and ultra-matte glosses are your brand’s special offerings, present them in captivating custom lip gloss boxes. Striking packaging would incline the customers to check out the formulation and features of the items. You can astutely use the boxes for turning casual buyers into regular consumers. Have the packaging printed by an adept custom box manufacturer. Take your time to vet the expertise of vendors that are accessible and have a sound repute.

You can choose one that understands your needs and inclinations to provide you cost effective solutions. Tell the printer about the main objective you want the packaging to serve; that is to leave an impression that lasts and gets recalled by the shoppers.

Tips shared in today’s post will help you with printing boxes with the impact you want!

Ask for an Original and Creative Packaging Design

Artwork of the boxes for glosses would either leave the potential customers startled or make them ignore your offers. Suggest the design team to use eye-catchy and lively illustrations on the packaging. Text should be short, sweet and engaging. Offer a variety of cosmetic boxes to the buyers if you want them to feel attracted toward the makeup items.

Cardboard Lip Gloss Boxes Wholesale

Packaging printed using cardstock is laudable for its shelf-life, appeal and utility. You can have the boxes die-cut in a shape you like with finishing details like raised ink, foil stamping, UV coating and glossy /matte lamination. Packaging for trio sets and other bundled items can have a window for enhancing the view of the glittery, colored and other glosses. Try finding a good price on wholesale printing, the best way to go about it is getting rough estimation of the cost for services and selecting a printing company that is flexible with bending rules and pricing.

Packaging with Thought-Provoking Messages

You can portray the image of your brand as a responsible and thoughtful one by creating awareness about an issue through the boxes for makeup. Enlighten the shoppers about some social or charitable cause you are staunchly supporting and want them to be a part of it.

Change the theme of your lip gloss packaging boxes on festivities and special days like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s. You can have these printed with popular movie inspired looks too especially if you have a whole range of “Get that Look” cosmetics available in stores and online.

Packaging should be adjustable so that you can hang or place the boxes on point of sale counters and shelves.

Custom box printing has been made simpler, affordable and hassle free by Packaging Republic. To know details about the turnaround time and kind of stocks/processes, send your queries through email or call at your convenience!