• July 22, 2024
Keep Your Dry, Flaky Skin Smooth and Hydrated

The Best Ways to Keep Your Dry, Flaky Skin Smooth and Hydrated

If you’re reading this article, you (or someone you know) probably has dry skin. Dry skin is usually genetic: your skin simply produces less sebum. Sebum is a lubricant, or natural oil, secreted by your sebaceous glands that traps moisture beneath it to keep skin hydrated. But wait, you might be thinking, I thought sebum…

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Medical Tourism Facilitators and the Services They Provide To Foreign Patients

Medical tourism in India has grown by leaps and bounds. India is considered to be a hub for receiving medical facilities. People all over the world suffer from one or other forms of the disease which can affect their overall well being. Patients travel from foreign countries to India to avail of various benefits like…

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How to treat Indigestion Issue

Indigestion is defined as pain or discomfort in the stomach which is associated with difficulty in digesting food. It is a very common problem that we face in our everyday lives and it can happen due to various reasons including unhygienic food, hands or utensils, unsanitary surroundings, improperly handled foods, overeating, consuming over seasoned foods,…

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Understanding the concept of baby formula and when to opt for your baby

Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling, and when you cradle your newborn, there is much to consider about keeping her happy and healthy. From nutrition to comfort to sleep, there are many things your baby will need around the clock. Most parents find the first few weeks of baby’s life to be filled…

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Adopting those ambient cleanliness goals for well-versed health quotient!!

The preferred goals of clean surroundings around us have taken a seat aback with the hectic schedule we are caught up with our day to day life and that has certainly also added up to tackle with all those health-related ailments caused from the same too, hence it becomes very important to understand and realize…

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Gut Bacteria’s Link To Human Health And Disease Explored In New Research

The scientists at OSU (Oregon State University) have made significant development in understanding the functions that gut bacteria have in human health. By learning the mechanisms through which gut microbes impact the health of their hosts paves the way to the development of more personalized and better diagnostic therapies and methods. Most of the studies…

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Early Days Adversity Might Grow Risk Of Critical Depression In Later Life

Researchers from the University at Albany’s School of Public Health highlighted that kids facing adversity are at a notably greater risk for critical depression. This research is available for access in the journal Depression and Anxiety. In this research, assistant professors Allison Appleton, Melissa Tracy, and Tomoko Udo explained that over 50% of adults report…

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Research: Glucosamine Supplements Good For Heart Health

Hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide use Glucosamine supplements to ease the joint pain triggered because of osteoarthritis. However, there are debates on its actual advantages in the joint. Now, a huge study with data from the U.K. Biobank disclosed that glucosamine supplements’ regular use could minimize the threat of getting cardiovascular disease (CVD) and…

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People Addicted To Coffee Detect Smell Of Coffee Faster

According to new research, the regular coffee drinkers can smell out even tiny amounts of coffee and are quicker at recognizing the aroma, in comparison to non-coffee drinkers. The habitual coffee drinkers are more sensitive to the odor of coffee and are quicker to recognize it, but the more they crave for coffee, their capability…

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Plant-based Meat Could Be The Next Craze For Consumer

Currently, plant-based meat has become the hottest product of supply and demand for investors and consumers. Just 2 Weeks after their public market debut, the shares of Beyond Meat (BYND) have shown a dramatic rise of above 240%. The Impossible Foods has declared that there was new funding of $300 million made at the start of…

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Study States Sunscreen Chemicals To Get Into Body At Risky Levels

The active ingredients of usually utilized sunscreens flow into the bloodstream at much greater levels than existing US standards from health regulators and necessitate further safety research, as per a small study performed by researchers of the US FDA. The OTC products initially marketed to avoid sunburn with modest regulation are broadly utilized to obstruct…

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Study Shows Slashing Salt Lowers Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Risk

Most of the time, it is recommended to slash the sodium from the diet. Limiting sodium consumption has been a key to lowering blood pressure. The scientists analyzed hundreds of metabolites substances created during absorption from blood samples strained in research amongst 64 black British residents having hypertension or high blood pressure. All participants were…

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