Fashion Marketing Manager

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Fashion Marketing Manager?

Do you have an eye for spotting the latest fashion trends and styles? Are you passionate about bringing fashion within the reach of every person on this planet? Do you like following different fashion brands and their marketing pages? Do you want an exciting career where you can merge your passion for fashion and business?

Fashion Marketing Manager

If your answer’s yes to any of the above questions, a career in fashion marketing management could be perfect for you. Fashion marketers work with large fashion brands like Zara and H&M to improve their image among the common people and positively influence customer reactions to their products.

As a fashion marketing manager, you could be overseeing the branding and marketing campaigns of these companies as well as the efforts to improve customer experiences.

However, becoming a competent fashion marketing manager is easier said than done. Your preparation for fashion marketing management should not be limited to just pursuing a fashion marketing course. The job role also requires you to have essential skills like high levels of patience, acuity and vision.

Read ahead to learn some important skills that are essential for the role of a fashion marketing manager.

  1. Branding strategy

Branding strategy refers to your ability of telling your brand’s story or legacy with tools like company logo, specific colours, sounds or marketing campaigns. Effective branding strategy allows you to make your brand renowned and unmistakable with others. Some successful branding strategies in the fashion world include the swoosh of Nike and the bold letters of H&M.

Being good at branding strategy allows you to be good at story telling with your products or services. It also allows you to deliver a timeless core message succinctly, making your brand desirable to customers.

  1. Marketing and communication skills

Stellar selling and communication skills are key to a marketing role in any industry including the fashion domain. As a fashion marketing manager, you need to understand the significance of the art of pitching new ideas and be well-versed in it.

Good marketing and communication skills can allow you to be precise, confident and succinct in your pitch which can better impress your clients. Effective communication skills can allow you to deliver on your deadlines and manage issues in resource supply, timelines and costs.

Negotiation skills are also a part of the communication skillset required for fashion marketing managers. These can help you get deals and clients on your terms.

  1. Business development skills

Fashion outfits or accessories are more than just products. They are cultural ideas that can push the boundaries of the fashion world.

Even if you are involved in the marketing side of business, you should have a fair knowledge of how fashion products move from sketches on a designer’s pad to the consumers. Business development skills can help you understand your product thoroughly and market it appropriately.

Apart from these skills, you also require high levels of problem-solving skills, organisational skills, an entrepreneurial vision and people management skills.

Pursuing a fashion marketing course can help you acquire many of these skills and hone them to perfection. Invest in an appropriate fashion marketing programme today to begin your career in the fashion world.

Business General Degree

Business General Degree: What is a Business General degree? What are the career prospects?

A business general degree is not the same as a business specialization. In a business specialty, a student specializes in a particular area of business—accounting, finance, marketing, operations etc. A business general course is less defined but holds good merit. It offers more flexibility to your career by providing a great understanding of various business aspects, which helps you to operate in different areas comfortably. Business generals also learn about the production, buying, and selling of goods et cetera besides accounting and organization.

Business General Degree

A specialized business degree is a more defined and distinct career path. One can specialize in a particular business field like finance or marketing et cetera. and work as a specialist in that area. Graduates of business general also become excellent managers as they know enough about every aspect, and the skills of the people they work with, a business graduate can give better directions to their teammates.

If you are looking for a good business general program to start your career, this article is for you. Read to know more about business general degree and your prospects with it.

How is a Business General different from a Specialist?

Graduates with a general degree in business are more flexible and quick to make transitions in their careers. Every organization needs talent with flexibility and other soft skills. However, a general does not possess technical skills with the same depth as a specialist because a specialist has spent their entire time honing these skills.

With a generalist degree, you can enjoy more freedom with choosing your electives. Students learn excellent soft skills such as time management, teamwork, creative and critical thinking, communication, networking, problem-solving, conflict resolution etc. They are not technically skilled like the specialists, but soft skills are equally valuable in business management today.

What are the career prospects with a Business general degree?

In a general program, students learn varied subjects like management, finance, accounting, marketing, etc. As a result, graduates are qualified for multiple positions in different professions.

A business degree graduate can work as a business analyst, financial analyst, project manager, marketing manager, sales manager etc.

A business analyst is a professional who uses his business expertise to understand trends and market behaviour etc. These professionals have research skills, critical thinking, and a great sense of business to deliver creative business solutions and decide on prospects such as where to expand.

An account manager’s role may vary from one employer to the other. Usually, it has both sales work and maintaining communication with the customers. Marketing managers study the industry trends to decide on the best marketing strategies for the brand.

 A generalist degree also offers ample opportunity for developing a number of skills like public speaking skills, mentorship, motivation skills etc. Participate in community activities to highlight these skills. These are high in demand and are greatly valued in business leaders.

There are multiple exciting career prospects with a general business degree. Enroll today and start your next big journey.

Part Time Degree Course In Singapore

Benefits Of Studying A Part Time Degree Course In Singapore

Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, the Republic of Singapore is the most is best known for cleanliness, greenery, vibrant culture and modernity. The city-state is also a favourite study destination for international students. With a world-class education system and a cutting-edge academic curriculum, Singapore attracts many international students from Asia. According to International Trade Administration, Singapore is home to over 50,000 international students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea and China. Among various other disciplines, the majority of the international students prefer studying part time degree courses in Singapore.

Part Time Degree Course In Singapore

Now, you must be wondering about the benefits of studying a part-time degree course in Singapore. Therefore, we have prepared a list of benefits that might encourage you to study a part-time degree course in Singapore.

  1. Hassle-free learning

As technology is evolving with each passing day, the education sector is also expanding virtually. The industry presents a golden opportunity for ambitious working professionals to upskill their knowledge from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, part-time degree courses in Singapore are the best option for working professionals to upgrade their careers without leaving their jobs.

  1. Flexible in nature

A full-time degree course is not a conducive idea if you have plans to upgrade your skills along with a job. As many a time, you will have to attend meetings, meet deadlines and focus on work. Therefore, part-time degree courses help ambitious working professionals to upskill their knowledge simultaneously without disturbing the work. In addition, choosing a part-time degree course can immensely benefit those professionals who do not want to disturb other priorities and commitments while meeting their educational needs.

  1. Affordable

Educational programmes are getting expensive with each passing year. Students have to take many competitive entrance examinations to get a top-notch education at a cost-effective tuition fee. So, students prefer to enrol in part-time degree courses to survive in the ever-evolving job market without wasting their precious time preparing for entrance exams. Since the value of a part-time degree course is equivalent to the full-time degree programme, many professionals prefer it to enhance their skill set and knowledge.

  1. Provides networking opportunity

Networking plays a crucial role in the success of an individual. It allows professionals access to opportunities that they might not be able to find on their own. Building networks with other professionals will provide insight into other fields and open doors to a broad range of career opportunities. The part-time degree programmes provide platforms to build networks with their professors, industry veterans and other professionals.

  1. Access to wide range of career programmes

Many professionals have to give up on their idea of upskilling due to the limited range of programmes in their interested areas. Therefore, some leading business schools in Singapore has introduced part-time degree course in over 10 ten disciplines, including accounting and finance, hospitality and logistics to help professionals enhance their existing skillset.

Part-time degree courses in Singapore are worth your investment as it helps professionals climb the career ladder as per their convenience. So, lead ahead in your career by enrolling in a part-time degree course right away.

MBA Online

10 Reasons to Get Your MBA Online

If you want to widen your scope in diverse professions but don’t have the resources or the required timeframe to attend classes, an online MBA may be the best option. The online MBA program is faster than the traditional MBA program and you can expect to explore numerous options after signing up for the one. You must go through the below mentioned reasons why an online MBA programs are growing in popularity, which may lend a hand in determining whether or not to pursue one.

MBA Online

  1. Advance your career: An MBA is indeed a game-changer in your professional career. With an MBA, you’ll have access to a plethora of options for a promotion that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Most companies now consider a Master of Business Administration degree to be the minimum requirement for senior management and top leadership positions, as it demonstrates an individual’s ability to set a primary goal and stick to it until it is achieved, as well as explaining that the staff member has all of the requisite expertise and experience as well.
  2. Recognized program: There are a plethora of recognized MBA programs to choose from. Compared to the widespread assumption of online MBA programs were only a fraud concocted by unaccredited credential firms used to offer such online programs. Almost all the major business schools are expected to implement online MBA programs as the popularity of such courses is increasing exponentially.
  3. Same curriculum: You can access these programs from wherever you want and get the same prospectus similar to the traditional coursework of the MBA program. The majority of the institutions in the top-ranking provide online MBA students with the same training that they are supposed to deliver to their on-campus students, administered by the very same staff.
  4. No need to relocate: This means you won’t have to spend the same relocating charges if you intend to pursue this online program.
  5. Freedom to work: You can migrate or switch professions and still accomplish your dream of pursuing an MBA because online MBA programs are not restricted to a particular location.
  6. Flexible scheduling: An online MBA is among the most adaptable MBA programs available. You may want to be a part of any organization or work for diverse domains as it offers this opportunity to fit into every other industry.
  7. Affordability: They are often less expensive than traditional MBA programs as there are fewer infrastructure expenses involved with online MBA programs. You also won’t be paying any fees for on-campus services like the library or the wifi. You won’t have to pay any commute expenses either.
  8. Access to more resources: A typical classroom does not have nearly as many instructional materials like an online learning program. You’ll have access to important teaching technologies that will enable users to interact more with your lecturer as well as the other participants in your program. This may be really beneficial in terms of learning and reviewing your assignments.
  9. Travel wherever you want: You may enroll in classes while on the road. Students in many online MBA programs attend their courses while on official business trips.
  10. Get your degree sooner: You might be able to get an online MBA degree quicker than a standard MBA degree. A typical MBA usually takes two years to complete, however, an online MBA may be completed in as little as nine months, considering an individual’s capacity and dedication.

Since these programs are cheaper allowing you to fulfill all your prior commitments, online MBA graduates usually have an easier time paying off their college loans as well. So, sign up for the course now!

Journalism in Digital Publishing

7 Exciting Professions You Can Go For After Journalism in Digital Publishing

The advent of technology and the rise of the internet have transformed the world. From banking to business, every sector has gone digital. Digitalization has opened new avenues for businesses across the globe. Journalism is one of such professions that digitalization has benefited. Journalism in digital publishing has become an attraction for aspiring media students looking for a rewarding career.

Journalism in Digital Publishing

In India, the media industry is expanding online. With the emergence of digitalization in the nation, almost every media platform like newspapers, magazines, radio, and television converges to digital platforms. The new platform requires media professionals with advanced digital skills for producing, sharing, and monetizing content. Students willing to learn the tools and techniques needed to create or manage digital content online can pursue B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication in Digital Publishing program.

Journalism in digital publishing: Career Opportunities

  1. Content Writer: In content writing, professionals perform thorough research to write well-structured content, keeping their target audience in mind. The content of these professionals is generally unique and engaging in nature. They work for certain companies that provide information about their products, services, or ideas to their target consumers.
  1. Blogger: There are several blog publishing services such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Gator, or Medium that provide platforms to publish and build their content. Usually, bloggers research, generate, and pitch ideas for posts. They educate and aware people or share experiences about the products, places, foods, or other services. They also advertise with the help of their blogs and earn money through advertisements.
  1. YouTubers: Popularly known as YouTube content creators, YouTubers are the ones who create video content on the social media platform ‘YouTube’. They create videos to entertain or inform people. The number of followers, views, and likes are their primary sources of income. It is one of the most exciting jobs in this digital era.
  1. Freelance Writer: These professionals write content for different companies without being on fixed payroll. They are self-employed and write content for money. They usually charge per word and work from home or some rented office. There is no fixed salary for them, and they earn as much as they work. They can write for magazines, newspapers, or some websites of companies.
  1. News Producer: As media houses are expanding online, they hire news producers or writers to work for their digital platforms. News Producers write, edit, or translate news content and publish it on the websites for the public. They work for a particular media company on a fixed salary. They are also responsible for creating an online news bulletin.
  1. Content Manager: These professionals are responsible for creating and managing digital content strategically. They usually manage content in a Content Managing System (CMS). They are highly skilled, well organized, and possess ideas for SEO and content monetization.
  1. Social Media Manager: The role of social media manager varies from business to business. Social media managers promote brands by increasing traffic to the website. For example, social media managers share news on different social media platforms in media houses to reach more audiences.

Interested candidates can explore colleges in Dehradun to pursue journalism in a digital publishing program. Apply now!


Enroll for Web Designing Course in Chennai

Web designing essential skills that a designer needs to have because the contemporary world is moving towards more advanced digital technology. If you feel that web designing skill is to be learned, then more career opportunities are in front of you and you can also take forward of getting freelancing projects.

How to learn web design is one of the most popular researches in Google and people also wanted to check it out since they are specific about beginning their career.

To start the career related to this Web designer, various resources can be available from training institutes, websites, eBooks and other tools.

Find below the way to learn the web designing course in Chennai and understand how it can be of great help to you.

  1. Primary research

Channelizing your goals and ambition is the first step that we need to concentrate on before we begin any kind of career option. The digital industry is a big ocean and we laugh to funnel it out which area is suitable for us.

You might be very much interested to work with the script framework, or you might be interested in developing applications or reminder focusing on user interface design.

If any of these things that are interesting or attractive to you then your research should revolve around the area of chosen interest to pursue your course.

  • Gain knowledge about web design through books and online articles to know more about the preferred skill
  • Log on to web design websites and check out for designing components that you are attracted towards
  • Learning and practicing coding on the web pages be an extra effort knowledge
  1. Understand the fundamentals

Anything to move before to the advanced level the basic principles of the fundamentals of the knowledge is important. Having a precise understanding of why we must study this course what kind of duplication can we make on a similar course and what kind of quality values will be added into our career will take forward to know more about your interest.

If you are eager to know more about web design and development find below the major highlights as to how a website should be

  • Effective and fast downloading interactive website
  • Integrated sources to attract customers via interaction
  • Quick and reliable loadings, no power scrolling
  • Effective user interface web design which provides a natural feel of walking into a direct store
  1. Learn from experts

Experts are plenty about web designing and development. This is one of the challenging areas because every day new techniques, acronyms, strategies come up in order to make the job even more challenging. The experts will be able to handle you very easily that being a beginner or being in the professional find it very smooth to take forward to our next level of learning.

When it comes to web designing, we have various approaches that can be free, paid, flexible, content-based, video-based and there are other kinds of activities to discover. There are many web design learning resources available on the Internet which you need to be very careful to select the resources that you are choosing.

Based on the web designing learning online resources you might be able to gain basic ideas and fundamentals about web design to elevate further to the advanced level of learning.

  1. Choose the best institute

Whatever may be you are interested to know everything from the online learning from the class experience cannot match with any of the online learning sources.

If you can choose the best institute in Chennai or a nearby location, you are obviously the first challenge of pursuing this web designing course comes down.

Across the nation, there are various institutes related to the web designing courses offering and people who are committed to learning this course can take up either as a classroom methodology for an online methodology.

  1. Continuous practice

Road map to become expert continuous learning will be the key driver. It is demanding that we upgrade the skills and utilize the available knowledge to excellent the field which we are working in.

To become a web designer it is important to understand coding, learn to code and need to finalize which kind of text editor that you are ultimately using. Popular web browsers must be installed, and they would be a great assistance in your design and development. 

6. Freelancing projects

To make your portfolio strong as well as to strengthen your learning skills to move forward as an advancement freelancing project can give you a hand.

Get the opportunity to experience the best and enhance the bank balance by working on your portfolio development. Freelancing projects need not be a big one but still starting from the small aspect can take to a bigger picture soon.

The works like website recreation for a small business, creating newsletter designing ad campaigns for the local business can be few freelancing options to be taken in the initial period.

If you feel that you need to properly remunerate for the work, you do there are many web designer websites available who are ready to give you a freelance opportunity.

  1. Start building portfolio

Get started to learn coding, various new techniques to excel in the designing and development portfolios. Once you can project your skill and talent to the external world automatically the customers will be on your doorstep.

There is a great power for the freelancer because approaching a company is quite expensive than approaching a freelancer. To satisfy this kind of statement the freelancer needs to be very effective like the organizational standards.

Search the greatest online platforms where the portfolio can be built and showcase to the public.

  1. Ready the attractive resumes

If you can build your own portfolio then ensure that your career opportunity is in a bigger way. You can have loads of information to be filled in your resume and in future interviewing techniques can also pay you a good result when you are posting to the situation of attending such kinds of encounters.


Learning web designing Course in Chennai is one of the right decisions to be taken in today’s context because every business is ready to enter the online zone. If you are about to begin your web design career, follow the above-listed points and check out which suitable training institute in Chennai can provide you with an excellent web designing course that is on par with industry standards.


How Title IX Has Affected Colleges and Students?

Title IX has literally changed the way of approach for females at the place of work as well as in educational institutions. Before the commencement of this law, women were believed to be meant for household work only. They were not given a chance to come to the mainstream of society.

Image Credit: Cavalier Daily

Girls were not given a chance to play and take part in any of the sports events in the schools and universities. The society was a bit male-oriented and the women were suppressed everywhere.

However, Title IX came as a permit for the girls to fly high. The title came into existence in the year 1972 and everything changed for once and all.

The sex-based discrimination ended and all students irrespective of their caste were given proper access to quality education and sports after this title came into effect. If you find any such discrimination taking place in the present times, you can get in touch with a title ix defense lawyer.

Positive aspects of Title IX:

Right to education and employment

After the commencement of title IX, girls were allowed to take up any course in the educational institutions as per their wish. This title allows both the sexes to have an equal right to education and study any course regardless of any prevailing gender stereotypes.

Women started enrolling themselves in courses like engineering, medicals sciences, and many other technical subjects. After the completion of education, girls were allowed to take up any employment as per their educational qualifications.

They were no longer discriminated based on gender and forced to do household work only.

Persuasion of higher education

Women started going for higher education and enrolled themselves in higher education courses to earn more and more degrees. The participation of women in a career in technical programs has seen an exponential increase.

Before the commencement of this title, only 7% and 9% women earned a degree in law and medical respectively, however, after the inclusion of the title the numbers increased to almost 47% and 48% in law and medical studies.

The percentage of women in technical education has also increased from 0% in the year 1972 to 25% in the year 2010.

Employment of women in educational institutions

Women started being faculty members of educational institutions. Their tenure track in the employment sector has also been highly affected. In the year 1979, the tenure track of women was only about 9% whereas, in the year 2006, it has been calculated to be more than 28%.

In present times, women nearly account for more than 40% of the full-time employees and more than 50% of part-time employees in various employment sectors. Not only in schools and colleges, but women also moved ahead to be a part of all major employment sectors. You can get in touch with a title ix law firm if your employment aspirations are being compromised because of your gender.

Made women clear winners in sports

Title IX has played a great role in making women winners in sports. This influenced the active participation of girls in athletics. In the year 1972, at most 30000 women participated in various college sports activities but in the year 2011, this number has increased to 190000.

This is more than six times increase in the percentage of participation. Before the commencement of this title, women used to receive only two percent of the budget for sports in school and college.

However, after Title IX, the budget percentage has moved to 48% of the total allocated budget. Women have achieved a lot in the field of sports after the title IX gave them a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with boys.

Pregnancy was no more a barrier for education and employment

Pregnancy is no longer a barrier to women’s education and employment. Prior to Title IX, girls who happened to get pregnant were kicked out of the education system. This was not only with students, even the women teacher faced the tough consequence of getting pregnant.

They used to lose their routine job and were no longer reinstated. But after the commencement of the title IX, pregnant teacher and students were protected against the blatant discrimination and were not forced into less academically challenging programs in the educational institutions. Title ix defense lawyer can be helpful in pulling you out of situations when your pregnancy starts being a reason for your termination.

This is the 21st century and there are still places in which women have not been given equal rights. The time has come to think about all those instances and bring about the concerned changes for the betterment of society.

If the world is to be made a better place, then women have to be given equal rights in all fields and there should be an end to all the discrimination. Title ix attorney work for the betterment of women all over the world.

How to create a retro joystick on photoshop

Before we get started, let’s take a look at the image we’ll be creating. As always, the layered Photoshop file is available via our Psdtuts+ Plus membership.

So, are you ready to start? Like every tutorial, it is recommended to use the latest version of Photoshop.

Step 1

Let’s open a new document using the settings shown below.

Step 2

Now we’ll need to have some guides to make sure that everything in our document will be in the right place. And in order to put the guides in the correct place, we’ll make some fixed sized selections.

Get the Rectangular Marque Tool, set style to Fixed Size and set Width and Height to 140 pixels. Click on the canvas, then while holding the left mouse button place the selection to the top left corner. Drag one horizontal and one vertical guide and snap them to the edges of the selection.

Drag the selection to the right bottom corner and get two more guides. Because we want our tool to snap to these guides, make sure that View > Snap is active.

Step 3

We can start drawing now. First, of all let’s create a new layer and name it “Upside.” Pick 65% gray as your Foreground Color. Get the Rounded Rectangle Tool, set the Radius to 40 pixels, and select Fill Pixels in the tool options. Draw a rounded square as in the below image.

Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise, then set the Amount to 2%. Also, set Distribution to Uniform and make sure that Monochromatic is checked.

Syntax Highlight powered with prism

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

Syntax Highlight

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css">
  <div role="main"></div>
  <script src="js/script.js">

body {
  margin: 0;
  font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
  font-size: 13px;
  line-height: 18px;
  color: #333333;
  background-color: #ffffff;

a {
  color: #0088cc;
  text-decoration: none;

How to use Gutenberg Editor

As I write and you read this, the WordPress core team is in the process of developing an entirely new content editor for WordPress – Gutenberg – and it is currently scheduled for release at some point in 2018 as part of WordPress 5.0.

When that happens, the way that you write your blog posts in WordPress will drastically change (though you will be able to install a plugin to keep using the current editor, if desired).

It is to help you get ready for the change that I have penned down this post on How To Use The WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

I’ll show you exactly how you can use the new editor to write a blog post so that you are ready for the transition when WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg get released.