2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images

{Happy} New Year Facebook Cover Photo and WhatsApp DP Images {*2021*}

Use of Facebook and Whatsapp is at the peak when it’s about celebration and how come New Year celebration be an exception to this! Many people love to update their Facebook Cover and Whatsapp DP specific to the event. So, we are providing you with the best collection of Happy New Year Facebook Cover and Happy New Year Whatsapp DP for 2021.

You can free download the unique Facebook cover photo or Whatsapp DP from our massive Happy New Year gallery. Updating your Facebook cover and Whatsapp DP for the New Year 2021 will surely give a great feeling and great start. The great beginning always results in great success. So, have a successful New Year 2021!

Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo

Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 
Happy New Year FB Cover Photos
Download – Happy New Year Facebook Cover Photo 

You can find Happy New Year photos or images in vibrant colours and in various resolutions at very few online sites. And we are one of them who are sure to fulfil your requirements without disappointing you. You are sure to like at least one New Year image or picture from our excellent collection which you can update as Facebook cover photo or Whatsapp DP.

Download – Happy New Year WhatsApp DP Images

2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP
2021 Happy New Year Images for WhatsApp DP, GIF Images
Download – 2021 Happy New Year Image for WhatsApp DP

These Happy New Year photos can also be easily shared with your friends via social channels such as Google plus. So even they have a great New Year update. Happy New Year Facebook Cover and Happy New Year Whatsapp DP truly create sweet memories that we can recapitulate in the coming year.

So, go on browsing for the best Happy New Year photo to make it as your New Year Facebook Cover or Whatsapp DP for 2021. Download it today itself before it’s too late as you will get busy afterwards with your buddies in the New Year celebration. Make this New Year celebration rocking and memorable one with a great Facebook cover photo and Whatsapp DP to have a great year ahead.

How to Play WMV on Mac OS

How to Play WMV on Mac OS?

How to Play WMV on Mac OS

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a very common video format on Windows PC. If you’re using Windows, you can usually play WMV files without any problem, but if you want to watch WMV video on Mac, you have to install a WMV player or convert WMV to MOV or other Mac-compatible formats first. In order to play the WMV videos on Mac, your video player will need to have WMV decoder as your macOS system does not include this decoder by default. In this article, we will discuss how to play WMV videos on Mac by converting WMV to Mac compatible video types or install a third party video player to play WMV videos on Mac.

Method 1. Play WMV on Mac – Convert WMV to Mac Compatible Format

If you choose to use a video converter, you do not need to download another video player. After converting the WMV videos to Mac friendly format like MP4, MOV, you will be able to play the converted video using the default movie and video player on Mac, QuickTime Player, to play the converted video. See this guide to convert videos to MP4 format. You can also share the converted WMV videos on different Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, MacBook Pro, etc. So we recommend this option if you like to play WMV on Mac OS X.

Method 2. Play WMV on Mac – Install 3rd party Player on Mac

Elmedia Player for Mac, you can play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) with Elmedia with no additional codecs or plugins.

It is a very powerful and easy to use video player that can work with many kinds of video and audio formats, such as MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, MP3, etc. You can download its free version to play WMV on Mac for totally free. However, you will need to buy the full version if you want to use its video streaming and downloading features.

Mother’s Day 2020 The Commencement and Mushrooming of Love

Mother’s Day 2020: The Commencement and Mushrooming of Love

The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day, a special day wherein we chose to credit motherhood and pay reverence to their big role in contributing and influencing the family and society in terms of well-being. Though there are thousands of connections existent between people, the bond between a mother and a child is the strongest of them all. As a mother spends an entire lifetime of hers nurturing her children, a single day is not enough to honor her for her immense love and commitment. Thus, we use May 10  as a reason to make her feel special and at the same time acknowledge her.

Mother’s Day 2020 The Commencement and Mushrooming of Love


In 1908, a woman named Anna Jarvis made it a point to pay respect to her late mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Grafton, who had passed away in 1905. This was the time the seed of Mother’s Day celebration was sown for the very first time. She was the lady behind commencing a campaign to declare Mother’s Day as a holiday in the United States. Though the government had denied considering it a holiday, Jarvis efforts did not go in vain as the peace activist’s work on public health issues and more had forced the US states to start observing the day as a holiday. By 1941, Woodrow Wilson signed a decree delegating the second Sunday of May as a national holiday in honor of all the mothers.

In a few nations, the day is connected with other occasions as well. In the UK, the fourth Sunday of March is celebrated in the remembrance of Mother Church on Christian Mothering Sunday. While in Greece the motherhood is tributed along with the Eastern Orthodox merriment of the giving of Jesus Christ to the place of worship on February 2, as per the Julian calendar. Mother’s Day in Arab nations is celebrated on March 21 as it falls on the Spring equinox. In many Catholic countries, the day is celebrated on the Virgin Mary Day. Bolivia believes to honor the day women entered the battle as Mother’s Day. There are certain ex-communist countries that commemorate International Women’s Day instead of Mother’s Day. No matter which day is chosen but the important part is to take pride in respecting our mothers for their lifetime sacrifice.

suwit muay thai

The guide to planning of Muay Thai training and weight loss in Thailand for holiday

Muay Thai has become one of the most impressive and sought-after sports across the world. It is no surprise that many travel to the island of Phuket where the combat sport and similar mixed martial arts have created a large following.

Phuket is considered a paradise and when combined with contact sport, makes for an exceptionally rewarding and paradise-like experience. From relaxing along the beach to transforming your mind, body and soul, here’s a few tips on planning for a holiday filled with Muay Thai in Thailand.

Travel to Thailand to experience the immense rewards that a holiday in the most exotic region of the world can provide. Thailand offers travelers the best of both worlds. It is a blend of modern living and high-powered businesses to ancient traditions and cultural practices.

Most holiday goers spend their travels in the island of Phuket. The island presents breath-taking views of the beach and the lush plant life. It is the perfect destination to rejuvenate and push the reset button on your mind and your body.

In combination with outdoor sightseeing and relaxation on the beach in Phuket, you can focus on your fitness. For the weekend or every day of the week, the beautiful island can be explored for its natural beauty and its many exciting activities. Many people who travel to the island, are fitness oriented. They participate in the multitude of fitness adventures and training facilities available.

If you are planning a holiday in Thailand, then a fitness experience in Phuket is a must. This includes participation in social events and group exercises allowing you to meet new people and remain motivated to achieve your goals. Plan your holiday for at least two weeks or more to help you learn the positive habits you need to change your fitness and transform your life.

Train at a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand

Muay Thai training is one of the fastest growing sports in Thailand. Muay Thai is good for weight loss in short time. Travelers can now plan a holiday including accommodation at a training camp on the island of Phuket, Thailand.

While certainly a unique way to spend a vacation, it provides the very best of both worlds. You will have the time to explore relaxation and scenery on the island on the weekend while dedicating your time to practicing Muay Thai during the week.

The Muay Thai class at Suwit Muay Thai introduces exciting fitness challenges in a fun and a supportive environment for all. The classes are led by an experienced and dedicated Muay Thai trainer.

During your Muay Thai holiday, you will experience a transformation in your health, your energy levels and your body shape.

Muay Thai classes for weight loss get you motivated to learn the ancient mixed martial art. You will kick, punch and block your way through every lesson in unison with your fellow fitness goers.

A Muay Thai holiday is like no other. Plan your journey to the beautiful island in Thailand and transform your life with the incredible lessons only Muay Thai can provide.

Open Letter to Duterte Haters on Davao Bombing: I Pray for Your Safety as I Pray for Davao

As the world now already knows, a huge explosion at Roxas night market in Davao City this Friday night, September 2 killed 14 people and injured 67 others. But while many Filipinos are praying for Davao, some Duterte haters ask this insulting question, ”Akala ko ba, safe sa Davao?” (I thought it is safe in Davao?). Well, here is my response to them.

First of all, you forgot the 9/11 terror attack in America on September 11, 2001 that killed nearly 3,000 people and injuring more than 6,000 others. But if you were still being breastfed that time, you are most likely aware of the recent series terror attacks in France. And yes, terrorists are highly-trained, and ready to kill and die for their stupid ideology.

So in case your shallow mind don’t realize, no government in the entire universe can say that their country is totally safe from terrorists. But sad to say, some Filipinos are even worst than the mastermind of the Davao bombing, and put the blame on President Duterte. To give you an idea as who these beasts are, read their heartless comments below.

Let me also remind you that no place in the Philippines is safe in terms of terror attacks. While you may have been lucky that you and your loved ones are not among the victims of the bombing in Davao, the tightened security of the police and military and the country now being placed under “state of lawless violence” is not a guarantee of total safety.

Now, what if the bombing happened in your area and loved ones are among the victims, and your presidential candidate won instead of Duterte? Would you see him kissing the dead bodies, or even canceling a trip abroad to visit the area and personally comfort the survivors and the families of the casualties, and closely monitor the investigation as well?

So instead of questioning the Duterte administration and wondering if it is really safe in Davao, why not ask yourselves, “What can I do to help the government to protect me and my family?”. So to Mey Sebastian, Chris Chug and other Duterte bashers, I will also pray for your safety as I pray for Davao. After all, I am not sure if you still know how to pray.

Davao bombing rude commentsDavao bombing rude comments 3


The above open letter was sent to us by one of our avid followers who only want to be identified as Julio N. Nevertheless, we at Taho News sympathize with all the victims of the Davao bombing. We hope and pray that the culprits be immediately identified, and justice be served as soon as possible. We also wish unity in times like this. Let’s stop the hate.


Look: Filipino Blood Painter Elito Circa Uses His Own Blood and Sweat to Paint President Duterte

A Filipino blood painter is now painting the images of President Rodrigo Duterte using his own blood and sweat. Meet Elito Circa, aka Amang Pintor, who has no formal training in painting but has already painted around 600 works of arts since 1980, using hair, and his own blood and sweat. This year, his chosen subject is the president of the Philippines.

“Bilib talaga ako sa kanya (Duterte). Minsan negatibo siyang magsalita pero parang kaibigan lang ‘yan na naiintindihan mo kahit iba pa ang pananalita niya. Marami na siyang nagawa.” Elito Circa said, who also has painted Pambansang Kamao, Senator Manny Pacquiao in 2015 using his own blood, and titled it “Manny Pacquiao Hearted Fist.”

[I really admire him (Duterte). Sometimes speaks in a negative way, but he is just like a friend that you can understand despite his different way of speaking. He already has a lot of accomplishments]

“I asked a nurse to extract my blood and place it in test tubes so I could use it to paint. I had to paint fast and keep the blood-filled vials in a refrigerator as the blood will spoil in a matter of days,” He added, explaining how he uses his own blood as medium for his paintings. Circa once said, “Blood is life and love, love with sacrifice.”.


Born in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija on January 28, 1970, Circa graduated at the Central Luzon State University with a degree in Elementary Education. He started drawing on the walls of their house using charcoals when he was only six years old. Apparently, he never sell his works and just give them away to his friends and to the person subject of his art.

As a painter, Elito Circa was recognized in 2009 by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) as first Filipino hair and blood painter. He also received Art and Culture “Gintong Butil” award from CLSU Alumni Association, Inc. in 2010. As of posting, President Duterte has not yet seen his masterpiece of him, but he will surely appreciate it.

woman leave the first date

What makes a woman leave the first date abruptly

I have never left a terrible date early, yet there was one time I possibly ought to have jettisoned. Rather than sneaking off, be that as it may, I supported my date — who had the two his work and individual telephones out at the bar — to take off, saying “I realise you have an early morning tomorrow; I wouldn’t fret covering the tab by any stretch of the imagination.” Despite the way that said respectable man, I’m grieved, said date had looked at two other ladies at the bar, he demanded staying and paying. Ladies leave awful dates early at times, and they reserve each option to. Men do it as well, however, we will analyse what makes a woman leave the first date without thinking much.

  • Women left because her date made her feel uncomfortable:

On the off chance that you don’t feel good out on the town, or if a date contacts you such that makes you squirm, get out. Enough said. This immense crossroads in history where ladies are at last being tuned in to about the vile crawls out there who misuse their capacity to attack and disturb ladies is an extraordinary update: you don’t need to endure undesirable conduct.

  • Pick a non-intimate location:

It’s quite normal to pick FUN spots to hold dates. You know, event congregations, parties, roller arenas, karaoke night at the nearby plunge, an outing to the 12-screen multiplex, a night out moving at the club. These can, once in a while, work extraordinary. Yet, there is a ‘however’.

The ‘yet’ is that fun isn’t sufficient to make a young lady end up with you all by itself. Fun fills in as a brilliant enhancement to your very own contribution on the date… in any case, for her to get together with you (or need to get together with you once more), you should construct that individual association with her. What’s more, that is hard to do in non-close places. That’s one of the possible reasons what makes woman leave the first date suddenly.

  • Sit or stand too far away:

Try not to commit the principal date error of letting your date position herself excessively far away from you… or on the other hand situating yourself far away from her yourself. Individuals now and then do this since they’re uncertain what the ‘correct’ activity is – or they are attempting to be courteous. I would prefer not to sit excessively near him, she thinks. It may look penniless or discourteous. Well, in the event that you let her do that, she’ll absolutely look affable… however, you will both feel cumbersome for the whole rest of the date. It’s impossible the data will recoup after that (occasionally you can rescue it… be that as it may, poor closeness sneaks up all of a sudden).

  • Make things too serious:

At the point when you like your date a great deal, it’s anything but difficult to squeeze yourself. A ton of weight, some of the time. At the point when you do this current, it’s likewise simple to neglect to make the date agreeable. An over-genuine date is certainly not an enjoyment date. Nobody needs to appear for a date with another person, just to get slathered with that another person’s anxious vitality, weight, and desire. You don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) a jokester. Be that as it may, you would particularly like to be fun-loving on your romantic date. The most exceedingly terrible dates you’ll ever have will be where regardless of what you do, the date has all the levity of a memorial service parade. That heavy, wooden, smothering sentiment of no-good times… it’ll cause your dates to go toes up.

  • Don’t respond to her signals:

On the off chance that you converse with her for some time and she begins to flag weariness, figure out how to blend more tests into the date. On the off chance that you get a duplicate of my One Date course that is going to turn out, I give you a lot of approaches to keep the intrigue level (and challenge level) on your dates at a stew. You don’t need it excessively hot (to the point it bubbles over and you have to ease off a bundle); you simply need it on that relentless stew where she is sufficiently moved to have a fabulous time and doesn’t slip into weariness. The second piece of the date-acing recipe I give you in One Date is totally about this.

  • Improper body language

Improper body language towards a woman can make her stand from the chair even if it is a first date. A man needs to be polite and has control over his body language. It doesn’t mean you cannot laugh or cannot speak, it is just that don’t be over friendly from day one. First date tips by gurus say, it is to impress each other naturally and over doing things can ruin the date.

Now got a gist of why woman leave the first date even if you are too qualified and good looking? Working on those simple tips could lead from date one to date two and further into a beautiful relationship.


Tips To Avoid Movie Streaming Problems

Movie streaming like Putlocker is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. Many people simply can’t help themselves from wanting to watch a certain movie again. When you start downloading films online, it is important to think about what happens if you encounter a problem. Here are some tips to prevent you from having problems when using streaming movie sites.

First of all, check for your agreement with the company that offers the movie streaming. Always make sure that the agreement covers everything that is necessary for your use of the streaming service. While you should not have any problems with the agreements that your provider has, you may encounter problems when there is a change in the terms.

If you notice any changes to the agreements, notify them immediately. This will allow them to inform you immediately so that you can change the software that you are using to access the site.

Even if you are using a free movie streaming site, there is a possibility that you will encounter problems. One of the reasons for this is that this type of site allows you to watch a huge variety of movies. This makes it easier for you to discover movies that are not offered on regular sources.

Read: 17 Best Putlockers and SolarMovie (Alternatives Sites)

Some sites have movie rentals, but not all sites are as wide in their selection. As a result, you may run into problems when trying to download a particular movie because you are not familiar with the site or are not allowed to access that particular movie. The solution to this problem is to notify the site that you are looking for a movie. Most of the time, the site will find it quickly and allow you to access the movie that you are looking for.

In order to access the movies you want, it is important to check the site’s ratings. Movie streaming sites allow users to rate movies and this rating helps other people to determine which sites are good and which are not. You do not want to go through the trouble of finding a site that is rated poorly.

There are other factors that will determine the rating for a movie. While the site may state the rating, you should check with a site to ensure that the rating is accurate.

A third factor that can determine the rating for a movie is the age rating. If the movie is rated G, you can expect it to be a fairly high-quality movie. If the movie is rated PG, expect it to be a fairly low-quality movie.

Even if you have experienced problems with a movie before, it is possible that you may experience a problem when trying to watch it again. This can be due to a number of reasons. For example, some movies will not allow people to watch them without purchasing them at a certain price.

Others may be caught up in a release date that has passed. In cases like these, movie streaming sites will give you access to the movies only if you pay a fee. This is one of the best ways to avoid movie streaming problems.


DIY Valentine’s Gift (Fresh Ideas)

Valentine’s Day is not too far away and people are all busy planning the best day for their significant others. Stores are crowded with couples and online services for flower delivery in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc are overflowing with bookings. While the store-bought expensive items have their own charm, nothing beats the joy of receiving a handmade gift. The personal touch and effort that these one-of-a-kind gifts reflect can make anybody smile.

This Valentine’s Day, get into your creative self and bring out your craft supplies. Gone are the days of giving candies and plastic presents. Show how romantic and creative you can get by trying out these DIY gift ideas especially curated for Valentine’s Day. These are not only budget-friendly but are really easy to make. Check them out here:

  • Dates for the Year This is a unique way of making dates not just for Valentine’s but for all the twelve months to come. Take a basket or jar and put in twelve pre-planned ideas for dates to surprise your loved one. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds and is a sure-shot way of winning your partner’s heart.
  • Playing Cards of Love For this gift idea, all you need is a deck of cards. Think of fifty-two reasons why you love him/her. From the way he smells to the way she ties her hair- reasons can be endless and it would not be difficult to jot down fifty-two of them on the cards. Punch a hole and tie the cards with a cute ribbon or you can even bind them with a spiral. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers as a side gift to make it even more appealing.
  • Customized Pillow When it comes to Valentine’s Day, how can we not talk of the pillow talks? Grab some plain pillowcases and turn them into a heart-warming gift for your partner. You can either get a picture of you two printed on it or just use an iron-on image/message to express your undying love.
  • Message in a Bottle We all, at some point in our lives, dreamt of receiving a message in a bottle. Now, it’s time to bring your lover’s dream into reality. This romantic gift idea is perfect for all sorts of occasions, be it Valentine’s or birthday. Write your heart out and let your emotions flow. S/he will be swooned by your efforts, sentiments, and love that you have for them. You can even go for a Valentine flower delivery and gift them a bouquet along with the bottle.
  • Love Coupons We have all seen the concept of love coupons in movies or Pinterest. This personalized gift idea is not only easy to make but is fun to follow as well. All you to plan are some fun activities and write them down on little notes. Put these notes in a fancy box or jar and let your partner redeem them on the weekends or holidays. The activities can include anything from cooking together, ordering in experimental food, going for flower delivery or having a nice couple bubble bath. Ideas are endless.
  • The Foodie Jar If your partner is a hardcore food lover, this jar would be the perfect gift for him/her. Take a jar with a wide mouth and fill it up with home-baked cookies, brownies, chocolates or whatever your partner loves to hog on. You can decorate the jar by sticking love notes that read “Made with Love”, “Home-Baked Happiness”, “I love you”, and so on.
  • Heart Bookmark If you have a partner that loves to read, you know nothing can make them happier than receiving books and of course, things related to books. Take out your colored sheets and create a cute heart-shaped bookmark. You can make two of them so that you and your partner can have the same bookmarks. Use them to hold your books, calendars, notepads, etc. The best part- your lover will think of you every time they will open their book.

These are some super cute and easy DIY gift ideas that you can try this Valentine’s Day. While Valentines Day roses and romantic dinner dates are indispensable parts of this day, creating a gift for your special someone will make the day all the more special and memorable. You can also celebrate this Valentine’s day some of the best places for couples in Delhi.


Children’s Laptop with Internet

The best laptops to buy is a very important decision. For that reason, you need to know some facts about different brands before deciding which one to buy. The age of children is one factor that must be considered when buying the best children’s laptop with internet to buy. What I mean by this is, how much screen should be added to the laptop, and what size should the battery be? There are different brands for kids with different sizes and different needs.

Laptop for Kids

Laptop for Kids

The monitor size is one of the most important ones to look at. If you have a 4-inch monitor, then a laptop with an additional monitor should do. It’s better to have extra space, as compared to having less or none. Another thing to look into when buying children laptop is how well the laptop works. You can test the laptop by downloading a few songs or movies.

Another good thing is the ease of use. When buying a laptop, you should always try to get a laptop that comes with a built-in monitor, so that you can watch videos or watch movies. You don’t want to buy a laptop, and not have a monitor.

Some of Top Brand Laptop for Children are”

  • Google Pixelbook Go. The best mainstream Chromebook.
  • Microsoft Surface Go. Small size, big value.
  • Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 3181 2-in-1. The best laptop for kids.
  • Acer Chromebook Spin 11. Work and play.
  • Acer Chromebook 15. Perfect for when they hit double-digits.
  • MacBook Air. Kid’s first secondary (or post-secondary) laptop.

When buying laptops, it is advisable to check whether the warranty is valid or not. A laptop without a warranty is not really a good option. Check with the brand first.

Many people prefer to buy a laptop that costs less than the other one. That’s because they know that they can easily replace the laptop if it breaks down. However, if you don’t have the money to buy a new laptop, you can save yourself the trouble by buying used laptops.

It is a good idea to compare a few brands before you make your final decision on which laptop to buy. Compare the prices and features and then make your decision.

The Internet has a lot of resources and articles that can help you make your decision. Do your research to find out which brand or company offers the best laptop to buy. This will help you make your buying decision by knowing more about the products.

The choice of a laptop is yours to make. However, you must consider all aspects while buying a laptop. That includes the brand, size, price, features, size, and warranty.

Once you have decided, you can either go to the local store or even visit an online store. This will give you the chance to see different models at the same time


Four Products to Recommend to Your Younger Sister

When you’re the elder sibling to a teenager, you get to experience the exciting time in your younger sibling’s life when they are going through puberty. This, however, is not always a fun time for teenagers. They go through hormonal changes, and they are not always in the best mood.

Especially if you have a younger sister, now is the time to give them valuable advice about self-care. In a time when they are prone to pimples, you can be there to recommend some helpful products. Here are four products you can recommend to your younger sibling:

Beauty Products

1. Foam Cleanser

As a girl is starting to care about her looks, she’ll want to experiment with the products that she sees her older sibling using.

However, without your guidance, she might go for the chemically charged products she sees advertised everywhere, and they might damage her young skin.


Recommend a gentle foam cleanser instead, and show her how to use it regularly to keep her pores clog-free.

2. Face Toner

Most women often add the toning part later in their makeup routine, usually when they are already young adults in their twenties. It can’t hurt to start your sibling earlier, to keep the pH level of their skin balanced.


You can even add the face toner to your online shopping cart so that your sister will not have to worry about the cost of buying it for herself. Show her how to use it in the correct way.

3. Moisturizer

It’s easy to get your sister to use a moisturizing product because most beauty products already claim to be moisturizing. However, there is a right way to use a moisturizer, and this is what you have to teach your sister.


Though it’s not often that articles talk about moisturization in a negative light, your sister using the product too much might lead to oily or sticky feeling, which might make her feel uncomfortable with the product.

It could also lead to your sister using up the product quickly, and that might make it seem like a costly investment. Recommend that she supplement the moderate use of a moisturizer with a gentle and moisturizing soap instead.

4. BB Cream

When you’re earning your own money, you can invest in a complicated skincare routine because you can afford it. You also have enough time in your evening to indulge in sheet masks and other products you can let rest on your skin for a long time.


However, a teenager does not have the same luxury. It is better to recommend that they use a product that can do wonders for them, and will give their face that needed improvement. A

BB cream benefits the skin even after the initial application, which makes it perfect for people who are just starting on their makeup exploration.

As the older sibling, you want to be a good role model for your younger sister. This doesn’t just apply to life lessons. Your knowledge in beauty will also play a big part in how your sister cares for her skin as she enters adulthood, so go ahead and get her started on the right track.


Introduction to 5G Technology

Over the last several years, the telecommunication industry has become more dynamic as more organizations look to the Internet for resources. With broadband in place, all of this can be easily realized with broadband, internet and phone services such as Voice over IP (VoIP), and other new technologies that are being developed by the industry.

There have been studies by different organizations and testing conducted by various organizations and the result of which is in the form of a Network Access Management (NAM) solution that can enhance network security and performance. The introduction of IP telephony, Voice over IP (VoIP), and broadband have changed the way that telecommunication is done.

Smartphones using 5G Technology

IP over Broadband allows people to exchange and receive phone calls without the need for the public switched telephone networks (PSTN). VoIP allows for a great distance of communication when people want to communicate between different locations with the added capabilities of video and audio. All of these technologies make it easy for users to access and use the internet while maintaining their security of data as well.

This new 5G technology can also be used for people who are currently enjoying telephone service but who would like to experience more faster and more reliable data and voice connections. This new 5G wireless system allows people to enjoy the same services they currently enjoy but the only difference is that they will be getting them through their cell phones instead of through PSTN.

Companies also benefit from these technologies, as they no longer have to maintain expensive infrastructure in the office as they can save money on systems and resources. As the costs associated with mobile networks and cellular telephone systems are coming down, more companies are looking towards the internet to provide them with wireless and fixed systems.

Countries Using 5G Technology

Below is a list of countries that are already using 5G or expecting * to use 5G technology in the coming years.

New Zealand
San Marino
South Africa
South Korea (Republic of Korea)
United Kingdom
United States
In other countries

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