best beaches in india

10 Best Beaches in India For a Fun Trip

Beaches!!! Yes, these are one of the most excellent creations of nature. It is the place for Sun, Sand, and Sea to celebrate their love. India has several best beaches in the world and is a popular tourist attraction. Beach is one of the most popular spots to get relax and have fun.

India is blessed with incredible scenic beaches that contribute everything including solitude, sunbathing, adventure, and parties. According to health benefits, beaches have restorative benefits to people that may reduce stress and improve well-being.

India is famous for its beautiful islands, beaches, and amazing places. Here are some of the dream destinations for beach addicted people where we can stay salty, relaxed and every moment can be enjoyed.

Let’s have a look at the best beaches in India

Varkala Beach: Kerala

Varkala beach provides a comparatively peaceful choice for the now popularised Kovalam. The surroundings and the environment of this beach are too attractive with an endless concrete stretch of cliff bordered by sheds on one side and views of the Arabian Sea on the other side.

It’s an outstanding spot to take rest, rejuvenate, yoga and Ayurveda. Sunbathing, swimming, perfect views, medicinal with healing properties are pleasant.

Gokarna Beach: Northern Karnataka

Gokarna is located in a small and remote holy town with most isolated beaches huddled nearby that attracts both pious pilgrims and laid-back travelers with equal enthusiasm.

Due to the inrush of tourists, Gokarna offers an alluring combination of beach entertainment and spiritualism with neglecting sky-blue waters. The scenic cove area has many separate beaches with white sands.

Agonda beach: SouthGoa

This Beach is perfect for people who prefer staying in a hut on the beach to enjoy the silence and serenity. The backside of the beach is outlined with small stores and sheds. It is considered to be a treat to the body and soul. This beautiful beach is just to eat, drink, swim, and chill.

Palolem Beach: South Goa

This picturesque mile-long, semi-circle shaped beach is enclosed by a thick forest of coconut palms. Both Indian and international tourists have increased the popularity, but still, a relaxed vibe is maintained, as permanent structures are not allowed to be built on it.

This area offers comforts to tourists with relaxing activities like Ayurveda massages and yoga classes on the shore. The travelers are offered to explore various wildlife sanctuaries like tigers, leopards, deer, and monkeys.

Puri Beach, Odisha

This beach is famous for its romantic sunrises and stunning sunsets. Golden sands and Blue waters of this beach favors tourists to enjoy the beach fully. This romantic beach is just ideal for holidays with family and friends. It has a tribal destination area with incredible shell crafts and also offers boating in Chilika Lake.

Tarkarli beach, Southern Maharashtra

The environment of Tarkarli beach is one of the best coral beaches on the Indian mainland. As the beaches of Goa packed throughout the year, Tarkarli beach is a great alternative.

This area receives hardly any foreign tourists but is famous for its mesmerizing beauty. Tarkarli is one of the long and narrow stretch sea coast beaches near Pune that can make your sunsets blissful.

Kaup Beach: Southern state of Karnataka

This is one of the major beaches with its tropical climate and a group of attractions that invite tourists from all parts of the country.

The amazing scenic beauty surrounded by groves of needled casuarina trees. A state geological monument and the four-island archipelago is famous for its old stunning hexagonal basalt lava rock columns.

Agatti Island Beach: Lakshawadeep

These beaches are very famous for its topless beaches and nude natural beauty among tourists. Sparkling coral reefs, lagoons, and water-related sports attract travelers.

It is a paradise for tourists with coconut grove and lush green palm trees. It is one of the top beaches in India with the most spectacular tropical islands unharmed by the rush of tourists.

Tharangambadi Beach, Tamil Nadu: Southern India

The meaning of Tharangambadi in the local language is “The Land of the Singing Waves”. Now it is famous for its Anglicized name of Tranquebar.

This town is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal with an attractive beach and architecturally interesting place to visit. Old churches and monuments from the time of British rule are the main eye-catchers.

Mandarmani beach: West Bengal

There is a list of beautiful beaches in West Bengal which are fascinating, mesmerized and spectacular in terms of water, sand and sea. The sunrise and sunset are just fabulous.

This sleepy fishing village is developing rapidly into a resort town. Tourists can experience other nearby beaches like Digha and Shankarpur, which are also known for their spectacular sunrises and calm waters.


These pristine beaches have in numerous stories with colorful shades resembling in blue, white and green by giving a boundless charisma. Goa and Kerala beaches are considered the best beaches in India. These exotic and gorgeous beaches are also the best destination for honeymoon couples in India and also known for a list of adventures water sports.

woman leave the first date

What makes a woman leave the first date abruptly

I have never left a terrible date early, yet there was one time I possibly ought to have jettisoned. Rather than sneaking off, be that as it may, I supported my date — who had the two his work and individual telephones out at the bar — to take off, saying “I realise you have an early morning tomorrow; I wouldn’t fret covering the tab by any stretch of the imagination.” Despite the way that said respectable man, I’m grieved, said date had looked at two other ladies at the bar, he demanded staying and paying. Ladies leave awful dates early at times, and they reserve each option to. Men do it as well, however, we will analyse what makes a woman leave the first date without thinking much.

  • Women left because her date made her feel uncomfortable:

On the off chance that you don’t feel good out on the town, or if a date contacts you such that makes you squirm, get out. Enough said. This immense crossroads in history where ladies are at last being tuned in to about the vile crawls out there who misuse their capacity to attack and disturb ladies is an extraordinary update: you don’t need to endure undesirable conduct.

  • Pick a non-intimate location:

It’s quite normal to pick FUN spots to hold dates. You know, event congregations, parties, roller arenas, karaoke night at the nearby plunge, an outing to the 12-screen multiplex, a night out moving at the club. These can, once in a while, work extraordinary. Yet, there is a ‘however’.

The ‘yet’ is that fun isn’t sufficient to make a young lady end up with you all by itself. Fun fills in as a brilliant enhancement to your very own contribution on the date… in any case, for her to get together with you (or need to get together with you once more), you should construct that individual association with her. What’s more, that is hard to do in non-close places. That’s one of the possible reasons what makes woman leave the first date suddenly.

  • Sit or stand too far away:

Try not to commit the principal date error of letting your date position herself excessively far away from you… or on the other hand situating yourself far away from her yourself. Individuals now and then do this since they’re uncertain what the ‘correct’ activity is – or they are attempting to be courteous. I would prefer not to sit excessively near him, she thinks. It may look penniless or discourteous. Well, in the event that you let her do that, she’ll absolutely look affable… however, you will both feel cumbersome for the whole rest of the date. It’s impossible the data will recoup after that (occasionally you can rescue it… be that as it may, poor closeness sneaks up all of a sudden).

  • Make things too serious:

At the point when you like your date a great deal, it’s anything but difficult to squeeze yourself. A ton of weight, some of the time. At the point when you do this current, it’s likewise simple to neglect to make the date agreeable. An over-genuine date is certainly not an enjoyment date. Nobody needs to appear for a date with another person, just to get slathered with that another person’s anxious vitality, weight, and desire. You don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) a jokester. Be that as it may, you would particularly like to be fun-loving on your romantic date. The most exceedingly terrible dates you’ll ever have will be where regardless of what you do, the date has all the levity of a memorial service parade. That heavy, wooden, smothering sentiment of no-good times… it’ll cause your dates to go toes up.

  • Don’t respond to her signals:

On the off chance that you converse with her for some time and she begins to flag weariness, figure out how to blend more tests into the date. On the off chance that you get a duplicate of my One Date course that is going to turn out, I give you a lot of approaches to keep the intrigue level (and challenge level) on your dates at a stew. You don’t need it excessively hot (to the point it bubbles over and you have to ease off a bundle); you simply need it on that relentless stew where she is sufficiently moved to have a fabulous time and doesn’t slip into weariness. The second piece of the date-acing recipe I give you in One Date is totally about this.

  • Improper body language

Improper body language towards a woman can make her stand from the chair even if it is a first date. A man needs to be polite and has control over his body language. It doesn’t mean you cannot laugh or cannot speak, it is just that don’t be over friendly from day one. First date tips by gurus say, it is to impress each other naturally and over doing things can ruin the date.

Now got a gist of why woman leave the first date even if you are too qualified and good looking? Working on those simple tips could lead from date one to date two and further into a beautiful relationship.

hidden gems to see in Amsterdam

Offbeat Things and Hidden Gems to See in Amsterdam

A lot has been written about Amsterdam and too much about the red light area. However, Amsterdam isn’t just about legal sex or marijuana. It has more to offer than those and the canals that you can see. Food and some offbeat destinations along with hidden gems make this unique version of Amsterdam. There are plenty of previously unknown things to do and experiences to try.

Let’s explore some Hidden Gems to See in Amsterdam


This term is coined as Holland has some of the best antiques. The history of the place dates back to the 1600s and you can find gems, art and precious tiles from the ancient ages.

The collections that showcase these antique dates from the era when the country experienced an economic boom.

Delft-style tiles are considered quite precious for Dutch homes. On can also buy such tiles from pre-1700, but they are difficult to come by in other countries. You can buy them in the Antiek district near the Rijksmuseum.


Naarden offers great options for aerial photography. A star-shaped town, this is filled with history and was a stopover for British troops before they entered Germany. You can take a train or a car to get there and once you do, you can explore the city on foot.


The Netherlands also has good beaches, but because the weather is unpredictable you need to make a judgement call if you want to visit these or not. Bloemendaal can be a nice getaway if the weather is sunny.

You can unwind near the shore during the day and enjoy the nightlife after sunset. There are a few great restaurants and bars that have live music. Enjoy the sunset while dancing away to the music.

More places to Visit in Amsterdam


Westerkerk is an extremely tall church near the Anne Frank house. This place has a lot of history and Anne Frank wrote about it in her diary as well. The church is beautiful, and its towers are one of the tallest here.

The unique thing is you can climb the inside of the church. It takes 9 euros and gets you a panoramic view of Amsterdam.

Ice skate

Ice skating is possible in winters. The canals freeze over and you can go ice skating on them. This experience is truly unique and bound to give you beautiful pictures and memories.

Trip Brothers house

Known as the little trip house, this is a perfectly symmetrical facade that has two houses. This was built at a time when people were taxed on the basis of the width of their house.

It was built by wealthy brothers – Trip and it quite unique. You think you are looking at one house, but there are actually two.

Prison under the bridge

The Torensluis or the Tower lock is a wide bridge in Amsterdam. It is 40 meters in width and was built in the 17th Its name is given on the tower that used to stand there.

The foundations of this are still strong and visible in the dungeons below. Yes, there are prison cells sunder the bridge with arched entrances and barred windows. Today they are used for exhibitions and shows.


You heard that right! You can go kayaking here in Amsterdam. You may have heard about canal tours, getting on a boat and just going on the water.

But you can also go kayaking or do stand-up paddling. Choose a company that offers this, and you will get to see the city from your own kayak.

Mouse mansion

Away from the crowded city center is the Mouse Mansion or Muizenhuis. It is a set of detailed, doll-house like rooms. They are very popular and have their own youtube series.

It is free for visitors to see and you can also purchase materials to create your own miniature version.


How can we miss out on the gorgeous food options we have in Amsterdam. Try the cheese from De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam and patatjeoorlog chips. Baby pancakes covered in sugar and butter?

Do you like?

Then try the Poffertjes or Bitterballen snacks from one of the bars. There is also a pancake boat where one can eat an unlimited number of pancakes. Stroopwafel, kibbeling, Oliebollen, and stamppot are other regional dishes that you must try.

Amsterdam has so much to see and do, even you want to try something different! When traveling to Amsterdam you might like to make this a checklist for you to do there and experience hidden gems to see in Amsterdam.