hidden gems to see in Amsterdam

A lot has been written about Amsterdam and too much about the red light area. However, Amsterdam isn’t just about legal sex or marijuana. It has more to offer than those and the canals that you can see. Food and some offbeat destinations along with hidden gems make this unique version of Amsterdam. There are plenty of previously unknown things to do and experiences to try.

Let’s explore some Hidden Gems to See in Amsterdam


This term is coined as Holland has some of the best antiques. The history of the place dates back to the 1600s and you can find gems, art and precious tiles from the ancient ages.

The collections that showcase these antique dates from the era when the country experienced an economic boom.

Delft-style tiles are considered quite precious for Dutch homes. On can also buy such tiles from pre-1700, but they are difficult to come by in other countries. You can buy them in the Antiek district near the Rijksmuseum.


Naarden offers great options for aerial photography. A star-shaped town, this is filled with history and was a stopover for British troops before they entered Germany. You can take a train or a car to get there and once you do, you can explore the city on foot.


The Netherlands also has good beaches, but because the weather is unpredictable you need to make a judgement call if you want to visit these or not. Bloemendaal can be a nice getaway if the weather is sunny.

You can unwind near the shore during the day and enjoy the nightlife after sunset. There are a few great restaurants and bars that have live music. Enjoy the sunset while dancing away to the music.

More places to Visit in Amsterdam


Westerkerk is an extremely tall church near the Anne Frank house. This place has a lot of history and Anne Frank wrote about it in her diary as well. The church is beautiful, and its towers are one of the tallest here.

The unique thing is you can climb the inside of the church. It takes 9 euros and gets you a panoramic view of Amsterdam.

Ice skate

Ice skating is possible in winters. The canals freeze over and you can go ice skating on them. This experience is truly unique and bound to give you beautiful pictures and memories.

Trip Brothers house

Known as the little trip house, this is a perfectly symmetrical facade that has two houses. This was built at a time when people were taxed on the basis of the width of their house.

It was built by wealthy brothers – Trip and it quite unique. You think you are looking at one house, but there are actually two.

Prison under the bridge

The Torensluis or the Tower lock is a wide bridge in Amsterdam. It is 40 meters in width and was built in the 17th Its name is given on the tower that used to stand there.

The foundations of this are still strong and visible in the dungeons below. Yes, there are prison cells sunder the bridge with arched entrances and barred windows. Today they are used for exhibitions and shows.


You heard that right! You can go kayaking here in Amsterdam. You may have heard about canal tours, getting on a boat and just going on the water.

But you can also go kayaking or do stand-up paddling. Choose a company that offers this, and you will get to see the city from your own kayak.

Mouse mansion

Away from the crowded city center is the Mouse Mansion or Muizenhuis. It is a set of detailed, doll-house like rooms. They are very popular and have their own youtube series.

It is free for visitors to see and you can also purchase materials to create your own miniature version.


How can we miss out on the gorgeous food options we have in Amsterdam. Try the cheese from De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam and patatjeoorlog chips. Baby pancakes covered in sugar and butter?

Do you like?

Then try the Poffertjes or Bitterballen snacks from one of the bars. There is also a pancake boat where one can eat an unlimited number of pancakes. Stroopwafel, kibbeling, Oliebollen, and stamppot are other regional dishes that you must try.

Amsterdam has so much to see and do, even you want to try something different! When traveling to Amsterdam you might like to make this a checklist for you to do there and experience hidden gems to see in Amsterdam.

Offbeat Things and Hidden Gems to See in Amsterdam

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