Come winter and Shimla transforms into something straight out of fairy-tales. Snow transforms the quaint hill station of Himachal Pradesh into a winter wonderland complete with ethereal sights, fun things, and cherished moments of a wonderful holiday. Many tourism service provider, offer attractive Shimla tour package for couples.

Places to Travel and See in Shimla

The backdrop of the mighty Himalayan peaks covered in snow is one of the certain treats of winter holidays in Shimla. Enjoy a scenic ride to the hills, laze by a bonfire, stroll in a snowfall, mesmerize in colonial sights or simply escape the cities, there is a lot of wonderful moments to indulge in.

The matchless charm of the hill town was a favorite getaway during the days of the British Raj and to date remains the same.

  1. The romance of Ridge Road

The bustling hub of Shimla, Ridge Road is one of the scenic places of the town. In winter, covered in snow, the road takes on a fairy-tale appearance. The slowly fluttering snowflakes make for a beautiful sight and here’s a lot of places and enjoy the view.

A market is a great place for winter gear, especially mittens, mufflers, shawls, socks & more. Recharge your senses with a cup of hot chocolate or some hot treats at the many cafes in the area. Stroll around the Shimla Mall as powdery snowflakes float down from the heavens itself. It is just one of those experiences that will stay with you forever.

Shimla Himachal Pradesh
  1. Winter Carnival

Shimla’s major crowd-puller in the cold season is the Winter Carnival. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department has been organizing the festivities for the last couple of years. The week-long affair starts on the 25th of December every year till the New Year.

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The carnival makes winter all the more special. It is one of the most exciting ways of spending Christmas and New Year in Shimla. Dance performances, folk songs, food stalls which specialize in the local cuisine, stalls offering Himachalihandicrafts and Kullu shawls and more, it is a lively event.

  1. Ice-skating

A fun sport for all ages, ice skating is a fun thing to do in Shimla. In fact, Shimla boasts of the only natural ice-skating rink in the country. The lively recreational center comes to life during the winter months. Try a hand at the sport or simply watch and enjoy it. Witness the more experienced skaters’ free-skate, figure-skate or dance to the beat of the music. Ice-hockey matches are also played in this arena.

Shimla boasts of the only natural ice-skating rink in the country
  1. Fun in Kufri

Kufri is a very fun outing while on a holiday in Shimla. 16km from Shimla, the town has earned a reputation as the ‘Sports Capital of Shimla’ for the wide range of adventure opportunities available here. Come winter and all the more winter sports bring tourists to partake in the thrilling activities.

Horse-riding on its snowy slopes is absolutely out of the world. Skiing down on the snow-clad slopes surrounded by cedar and pine is a rush of adrenalin. There are options from a beginner’s run to advanced slopes. The Mashu Ridge is recommended for beginners whileHeli is for more experienced skiers. Skiing equipment is available for hire along with the services of a trainer too.

  1. Outing to other charming towns in the Himalayas

Narkanda is two hours away from Shimla at a distance of 60 kilometers. It turns into a ski-resort every winter. Stop at Fagu, a small Himalayan hamlet on your way to Narkanda. You will see lofty ice-capped peaks and valleys carpeted in snow. This hilly retreat is located on the ridge of the last watershed before the Great Himalayan Range – the reason why the views from here are beautiful beyond description.

You can also go skiing at Mashobraon your Shimla holiday. It is another popular skiing destination some 13km  away. Surrounded by pine forests, it is blessed with serenity. Build snow-castles here, or simply soak up the ambiance.


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