• May 25, 2024
best beaches in india

10 Best Beaches in India For a Fun Trip

Beaches!!! Yes, these are one of the most excellent creations of nature. It is the place for Sun, Sand, and Sea to celebrate their love. India has several best beaches in the world and is a popular tourist attraction. Beach is one of the most popular spots to get relax and have fun.

India is blessed with incredible scenic beaches that contribute everything including solitude, sunbathing, adventure, and parties. According to health benefits, beaches have restorative benefits to people that may reduce stress and improve well-being.

India is famous for its beautiful islands, beaches, and amazing places. Here are some of the dream destinations for beach addicted people where we can stay salty, relaxed and every moment can be enjoyed.

Let’s have a look at the best beaches in India

Varkala Beach: Kerala

Varkala beach provides a comparatively peaceful choice for the now popularised Kovalam. The surroundings and the environment of this beach are too attractive with an endless concrete stretch of cliff bordered by sheds on one side and views of the Arabian Sea on the other side.

It’s an outstanding spot to take rest, rejuvenate, yoga and Ayurveda. Sunbathing, swimming, perfect views, medicinal with healing properties are pleasant.

Gokarna Beach: Northern Karnataka

Gokarna is located in a small and remote holy town with most isolated beaches huddled nearby that attracts both pious pilgrims and laid-back travelers with equal enthusiasm.

Due to the inrush of tourists, Gokarna offers an alluring combination of beach entertainment and spiritualism with neglecting sky-blue waters. The scenic cove area has many separate beaches with white sands.

Agonda beach: SouthGoa

This Beach is perfect for people who prefer staying in a hut on the beach to enjoy the silence and serenity. The backside of the beach is outlined with small stores and sheds. It is considered to be a treat to the body and soul. This beautiful beach is just to eat, drink, swim, and chill.

Palolem Beach: South Goa

This picturesque mile-long, semi-circle shaped beach is enclosed by a thick forest of coconut palms. Both Indian and international tourists have increased the popularity, but still, a relaxed vibe is maintained, as permanent structures are not allowed to be built on it.

This area offers comforts to tourists with relaxing activities like Ayurveda massages and yoga classes on the shore. The travelers are offered to explore various wildlife sanctuaries like tigers, leopards, deer, and monkeys.

Puri Beach, Odisha

This beach is famous for its romantic sunrises and stunning sunsets. Golden sands and Blue waters of this beach favors tourists to enjoy the beach fully. This romantic beach is just ideal for holidays with family and friends. It has a tribal destination area with incredible shell crafts and also offers boating in Chilika Lake.

Tarkarli beach, Southern Maharashtra

The environment of Tarkarli beach is one of the best coral beaches on the Indian mainland. As the beaches of Goa packed throughout the year, Tarkarli beach is a great alternative.

This area receives hardly any foreign tourists but is famous for its mesmerizing beauty. Tarkarli is one of the long and narrow stretch sea coast beaches near Pune that can make your sunsets blissful.

Kaup Beach: Southern state of Karnataka

This is one of the major beaches with its tropical climate and a group of attractions that invite tourists from all parts of the country.

The amazing scenic beauty surrounded by groves of needled casuarina trees. A state geological monument and the four-island archipelago is famous for its old stunning hexagonal basalt lava rock columns.

Agatti Island Beach: Lakshawadeep

These beaches are very famous for its topless beaches and nude natural beauty among tourists. Sparkling coral reefs, lagoons, and water-related sports attract travelers.

It is a paradise for tourists with coconut grove and lush green palm trees. It is one of the top beaches in India with the most spectacular tropical islands unharmed by the rush of tourists.

Tharangambadi Beach, Tamil Nadu: Southern India

The meaning of Tharangambadi in the local language is “The Land of the Singing Waves”. Now it is famous for its Anglicized name of Tranquebar.

This town is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal with an attractive beach and architecturally interesting place to visit. Old churches and monuments from the time of British rule are the main eye-catchers.

Mandarmani beach: West Bengal

There is a list of beautiful beaches in West Bengal which are fascinating, mesmerized and spectacular in terms of water, sand and sea. The sunrise and sunset are just fabulous.

This sleepy fishing village is developing rapidly into a resort town. Tourists can experience other nearby beaches like Digha and Shankarpur, which are also known for their spectacular sunrises and calm waters.


These pristine beaches have in numerous stories with colorful shades resembling in blue, white and green by giving a boundless charisma. Goa and Kerala beaches are considered the best beaches in India. These exotic and gorgeous beaches are also the best destination for honeymoon couples in India and also known for a list of adventures water sports.

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