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Allegiant Airlines Reservations - Complete Information

Allegiant Airlines Reservations – Complete Information

My family was quite fervent to explore Paris and always asked me to plan a trip. Due to some of the other reasons our trip kept on delaying. Last year we were certain that we will explore Paris but due to the demise of a family member, we had to cancel our reservations.

My kids were very upset because of this as children are capable of understanding such losses. But this time I thought I will take them to Paris and explore every famous corner with them. I was all set to surprise my family this time and made Allegiant Airlines Reservations beforehand to avoid last-minute disappointments. As I keep traveling to different countries because of my business trips I am aware that flights make a hike in the price of the tickets as the departure date keeps coming closer.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations - Complete Information

I have flown with Allegiant Airlines many times and I am quite familiar with their commendable service so I thought it best to make Allegiant Airlines Reservations. I definitely made a list of the most famous attractions in Paris and made sure to traverse the place. I think it is a good practice to take kids to historic places so that they gain practical knowledge rather than seeing pictures in the textbook and getting confused.

Some insights about our visit to Paris:

The Eiffel Tower

Once we landed in Paris, we proceeded to our resort and got set to explore every corner of the streets of Paris. Obviously, we began by heading towards Eiffel Tower, as it is the iconic charm of Paris that attracts hundreds of visitors from all over the world. My children took the elevator ride that took us to a height of three hundred meters. On our anniversary night, my better half made a dinner reservation near the Eiffel Tower which was the most romantic time spent in Paris.

The Louvre

I always thought that museums are boring until I went to the Louvre. This museum was so classy and elegant which was all made of a silken glass in the form of a pyramid. The evening spent there was totally meriting as I am a huge fan of famous, celebrated and historic art. We saw the “Dying Slave” by Michelangelo, “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci and much more. It was a pleasure to witness the art of such renowned personalities.


In the Northeast, Montmartre provides a universal adventure that features paintings by legendary artists such as Picasso, Renoir, and Monet. Nevertheless, my notice went to Montmartre’s Wall of Love. The wall is fashioned with “I LOVE You.” about 311 times in 250 languages, We also made the day remarkable by clicking many pictures next to this wall.

Tuileries Palace:

The palace of Lourve has a Tuileries Palace where the Queen Catherine of Médicis died. She fancied the backyards very much, flows and flora so she had a personal one which allowed her to take some relaxing walks. At that time it was not only the Queen who stayed in this palace, but certain famous leaders such as Henri IV, Ludwig XIV, and Ludwig XVI also lived there in the past. Although the place was said to have been burned, the Palace of Tuileries was intact. The area is quite beautiful and we had a nice time there.


Notre-Dame-de-Paris is inhabited in the Ile de la Cite and was the classical representative for Paris when the Eiffel tower was not constructed. The tower is under development because it was damaged by the wildfire and that restricts visits but the sightseers enjoy having a glimpse at the elegance of the history and many people are eagerly waiting for it to get ready so that everyone can pay a visit. As I mentioned, people were surely trying to have a glance at the monument and we were also near the place we thought that even we should check out the excellence of the under-renovation  (currently) monument.

Some more attractions that we visited:

  • Musée d’Orsay
  • The palace of Versailles
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Panthéon
  • Paris’s Sewer tour
  • Paris Catacombs

The trip was amazing and I will never forget this trip because my family and I had the most fun in this one. We went back to our city with a heart full of memories and joy. This the best thing about vacations that they help you appreciate the moments spent with the family because normally we do not get the opportunity to spend some simple moments with our families because of work life. I was happy to see my family happy and this happiness cannot be compared with any other happiness. Want to cancel your Allegiant Airlines flight for FREE? Call at +1-855-635-3038

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