• April 15, 2024

DIY Valentine’s Gift (Fresh Ideas)

Valentine’s Day is not too far away and people are all busy planning the best day for their significant others. Stores are crowded with couples and online services for flower delivery in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, etc are overflowing with bookings. While the store-bought expensive items have their own charm, nothing beats the joy of receiving a handmade gift. The personal touch and effort that these one-of-a-kind gifts reflect can make anybody smile.

This Valentine’s Day, get into your creative self and bring out your craft supplies. Gone are the days of giving candies and plastic presents. Show how romantic and creative you can get by trying out these DIY gift ideas especially curated for Valentine’s Day. These are not only budget-friendly but are really easy to make. Check them out here:

  • Dates for the Year This is a unique way of making dates not just for Valentine’s but for all the twelve months to come. Take a basket or jar and put in twelve pre-planned ideas for dates to surprise your loved one. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds and is a sure-shot way of winning your partner’s heart.
  • Playing Cards of Love For this gift idea, all you need is a deck of cards. Think of fifty-two reasons why you love him/her. From the way he smells to the way she ties her hair- reasons can be endless and it would not be difficult to jot down fifty-two of them on the cards. Punch a hole and tie the cards with a cute ribbon or you can even bind them with a spiral. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers as a side gift to make it even more appealing.
  • Customized Pillow When it comes to Valentine’s Day, how can we not talk of the pillow talks? Grab some plain pillowcases and turn them into a heart-warming gift for your partner. You can either get a picture of you two printed on it or just use an iron-on image/message to express your undying love.
  • Message in a Bottle We all, at some point in our lives, dreamt of receiving a message in a bottle. Now, it’s time to bring your lover’s dream into reality. This romantic gift idea is perfect for all sorts of occasions, be it Valentine’s or birthday. Write your heart out and let your emotions flow. S/he will be swooned by your efforts, sentiments, and love that you have for them. You can even go for a Valentine flower delivery and gift them a bouquet along with the bottle.
  • Love Coupons We have all seen the concept of love coupons in movies or Pinterest. This personalized gift idea is not only easy to make but is fun to follow as well. All you to plan are some fun activities and write them down on little notes. Put these notes in a fancy box or jar and let your partner redeem them on the weekends or holidays. The activities can include anything from cooking together, ordering in experimental food, going for flower delivery or having a nice couple bubble bath. Ideas are endless.
  • The Foodie Jar If your partner is a hardcore food lover, this jar would be the perfect gift for him/her. Take a jar with a wide mouth and fill it up with home-baked cookies, brownies, chocolates or whatever your partner loves to hog on. You can decorate the jar by sticking love notes that read “Made with Love”, “Home-Baked Happiness”, “I love you”, and so on.
  • Heart Bookmark If you have a partner that loves to read, you know nothing can make them happier than receiving books and of course, things related to books. Take out your colored sheets and create a cute heart-shaped bookmark. You can make two of them so that you and your partner can have the same bookmarks. Use them to hold your books, calendars, notepads, etc. The best part- your lover will think of you every time they will open their book.

These are some super cute and easy DIY gift ideas that you can try this Valentine’s Day. While Valentines Day roses and romantic dinner dates are indispensable parts of this day, creating a gift for your special someone will make the day all the more special and memorable. You can also celebrate this Valentine’s day some of the best places for couples in Delhi.

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