• July 16, 2024
Mother’s Day 2020 The Commencement and Mushrooming of Love

Mother’s Day 2020: The Commencement and Mushrooming of Love

The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day, a special day wherein we chose to credit motherhood and pay reverence to their big role in contributing and influencing the family and society in terms of well-being. Though there are thousands of connections existent between people, the bond between a mother and a child is the strongest of them all. As a mother spends an entire lifetime of hers nurturing her children, a single day is not enough to honor her for her immense love and commitment. Thus, we use May 10  as a reason to make her feel special and at the same time acknowledge her.

Mother’s Day 2020 The Commencement and Mushrooming of Love


In 1908, a woman named Anna Jarvis made it a point to pay respect to her late mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Grafton, who had passed away in 1905. This was the time the seed of Mother’s Day celebration was sown for the very first time. She was the lady behind commencing a campaign to declare Mother’s Day as a holiday in the United States. Though the government had denied considering it a holiday, Jarvis efforts did not go in vain as the peace activist’s work on public health issues and more had forced the US states to start observing the day as a holiday. By 1941, Woodrow Wilson signed a decree delegating the second Sunday of May as a national holiday in honor of all the mothers.

In a few nations, the day is connected with other occasions as well. In the UK, the fourth Sunday of March is celebrated in the remembrance of Mother Church on Christian Mothering Sunday. While in Greece the motherhood is tributed along with the Eastern Orthodox merriment of the giving of Jesus Christ to the place of worship on February 2, as per the Julian calendar. Mother’s Day in Arab nations is celebrated on March 21 as it falls on the Spring equinox. In many Catholic countries, the day is celebrated on the Virgin Mary Day. Bolivia believes to honor the day women entered the battle as Mother’s Day. There are certain ex-communist countries that commemorate International Women’s Day instead of Mother’s Day. No matter which day is chosen but the important part is to take pride in respecting our mothers for their lifetime sacrifice.

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