• May 25, 2024
Custom Rigid Boxes

How Custom Rigid Packaging can boost your Skincare Business

People, especially women are crazy over their self care and well being. Whenever an item from cosmetic range or self care launches their excitement is over the moon. Before even trying the product, they seem to analyze it by its packaging, creating a luxury packaging for the brand that can do wonders to the sales and marketing levels is the most popular tactic of developing brands. Mainly Rigid Boxes are one type of popular packaging option used in skincare ranges.

Moreover, creating a large audience of fans and a loyal number of brand ambassadors is not easy. It requires a lot of work and moreover it requires a strong emphasis on cosmetic and skincare packaging which is crucial for branding.

Human brain perceives visuals more quickly than the physical state of a thing, that’s why most people tend to buy things that appeal them visually more before even checking the product itself.

Getting a customer purchasing a product and then recommending it to a friend or another person is a very hard thing in itself. But it can all become easy when there’s good branding and packaging at your hand, everyone especially teenage girls are fond of good skincare and grooming products. Custom Rigid Boxes or your custom luxury packaging can make it extra special and promote it to greater levels, more than it could have been with simple packaging designs.

Skincare industry is extra vast and wide, it stretches beyond borders with many competitors, as there are an infinite number of brands who are willing to spend millions of dollars each year on their marketing and branding campaigns, it gets difficult for developing and small businesses to get recognition.

In order to stand among the crowd and get into limelight, beauty and cosmetic industries need to set a legacy that is way different than other normal brands and help them to pertain their good position in marketing and the ever growing race among different brands.

Custom cosmetic packaging involves many options that can be taken into account when one skincare brand gets into the area of wrapping and packaging their normal ordinary products and premium, exclusive ones.

For faster recognition and brand’s promotion Rigid Boxes are Luxury Packaging Boxes that are mainly used to pack high end skincare and makeup products.

Main benefit of choosing a rigid box for skincare packaging is that there are endless arrays of options to choose from when one has different types of products and need variation in terms of design, customization and packaging.

Custom Rigid Boxes can be used and customized according to the preferences of brands and can be easily molded into perfect makeup and skincare packaging solutions.

There are various types of Rigid Boxes that can help in your skincare and makeup brand packaging. Different types of skincare products use and require assorted variations.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Rigid Box Used As Serum Box

Serums are normally a concentrated liquid in the form of oil or gel that has skin activating chemicals, penetrating deep layers of skin, removing dead skin cells and helping the skin bring its natural glow and improve its health.

Setup or Rigid Boxes are also termed as premium and Luxury Packaging Boxes, many famous skincare brands have formulated different types of serums. Some are age defying, some to conceal wrinkles, some to provide elasticity, and many others helping skin to improve.

Many of these serums are photosensitive: they show great sensitivity to light. Thus they need to be kept safe at all costs from light and moisture. Hence the resistance and durability of Rigid Boxes come handy for these serum boxes.

Rigid Box for Double Cleansing System

Double cleansing system has been a popular skincare ritual originating from South Korea, it consists of an oil based cleansing balm and a gel based wash. It is a two step cleansing routine. Cleansing balm removes makeup and dirt while the post gel wash cleanses skin and gives a refreshed look.

These two skincare products are getting high and over growing demand as they work wonder for skin. Their sales can be doubled if one selects the right choice of packaging for them. Most brands are adapting Custom Printed Rigid Boxes with inserts. An insert for balm and another insert for wash are designed in a larger Rigid Box with a base and lid, so the product is elevated and highlighted when the box is to be opened.

Rigid Boxes provide durability and firmness thus it makes it easier for exporters to send these products packed in their original, exquisite way with the help of this type of Luxury Packaging Boxes.

Rigid Box for Foundations and Color Correcting Congealers

Our skin cannot be perfect, and to retain that confident self of one, many prefer to use foundations and skin correcting fluids. These skin correcting makeup balms and foundations come in handy sized bottles, these bottles cannot be openly distributed hence they ought to be packed in Custom Printed Boxes and then distributed widely through towns, cities and continents.

Rigid Box for Perfumes and Fragrances

Everyone loves to look good but only people who smell good can attract good company. A good scent and fragrance tells a lot about a person and its hygiene. Fragrances are a luxurious and supreme product. They are expensive products mostly common as gifts too; these premium products surely require a premium and supreme presentation.

 This is where Custom Rigid Boxes play their role by being a form of Premium and Luxury Packaging Boxes; they perfectly depict the legacy of specific premium scents.

Mostly large square Rigid Boxes with separate base and lid are used with inserts. Many famous fragrance companies are using Rigid Boxes as their main packaging box.

Custom Boxes can be customized in various assorted ways with personalized hand lettering, gold and silver accents to give the box a touch of royalty, many different colors and materials can be used to pop the product.

Rigid Box for Lipsticks and Glosses

Lipsticks are the one that complete your face look and take your makeup game to another level. A collection of lipsticks once introduced needs not much time to gain recognition and higher sales but when packed in the right type of chosen Custom Packaging Boxes, they will not only promote one’s brand but also can become identity for it.

Sliding or drawer Rigid Boxes are preferred for lipsticks to be distributed in, many brands use large and colorful texts in designs to gain immediate attention of consumers and lure them to buy their product.

Skincare Subscription Box

Last but not the least; Rigid Boxes are most famously used as subscription Custom Packaging Boxes too. Every month people tend to order things for their skin and it becomes easy when a company plans an assorted number of products to be delivered to the customer exclusively packed for them in a Custom Printed Rigid Box, that is indeed so eye catching and attractive that the buyer keeps it long after using the product even.

Rigid Boxes are the best option for premium and luxury products, due to their endless customization and design options, their resilience and durability, their sleek and perfect style and personalization choices; it is the recommended packaging box for your business!

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