• May 25, 2024
Journalism in Digital Publishing

7 Exciting Professions You Can Go For After Journalism in Digital Publishing

The advent of technology and the rise of the internet have transformed the world. From banking to business, every sector has gone digital. Digitalization has opened new avenues for businesses across the globe. Journalism is one of such professions that digitalization has benefited. Journalism in digital publishing has become an attraction for aspiring media students looking for a rewarding career.

Journalism in Digital Publishing

In India, the media industry is expanding online. With the emergence of digitalization in the nation, almost every media platform like newspapers, magazines, radio, and television converges to digital platforms. The new platform requires media professionals with advanced digital skills for producing, sharing, and monetizing content. Students willing to learn the tools and techniques needed to create or manage digital content online can pursue B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication in Digital Publishing program.

Journalism in digital publishing: Career Opportunities

  1. Content Writer: In content writing, professionals perform thorough research to write well-structured content, keeping their target audience in mind. The content of these professionals is generally unique and engaging in nature. They work for certain companies that provide information about their products, services, or ideas to their target consumers.
  1. Blogger: There are several blog publishing services such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Gator, or Medium that provide platforms to publish and build their content. Usually, bloggers research, generate, and pitch ideas for posts. They educate and aware people or share experiences about the products, places, foods, or other services. They also advertise with the help of their blogs and earn money through advertisements.
  1. YouTubers: Popularly known as YouTube content creators, YouTubers are the ones who create video content on the social media platform ‘YouTube’. They create videos to entertain or inform people. The number of followers, views, and likes are their primary sources of income. It is one of the most exciting jobs in this digital era.
  1. Freelance Writer: These professionals write content for different companies without being on fixed payroll. They are self-employed and write content for money. They usually charge per word and work from home or some rented office. There is no fixed salary for them, and they earn as much as they work. They can write for magazines, newspapers, or some websites of companies.
  1. News Producer: As media houses are expanding online, they hire news producers or writers to work for their digital platforms. News Producers write, edit, or translate news content and publish it on the websites for the public. They work for a particular media company on a fixed salary. They are also responsible for creating an online news bulletin.
  1. Content Manager: These professionals are responsible for creating and managing digital content strategically. They usually manage content in a Content Managing System (CMS). They are highly skilled, well organized, and possess ideas for SEO and content monetization.
  1. Social Media Manager: The role of social media manager varies from business to business. Social media managers promote brands by increasing traffic to the website. For example, social media managers share news on different social media platforms in media houses to reach more audiences.

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