Antivirus is one of the most important software programs for your device as it maintains the health of your device and ensures that your all applications are running safely without any harm. Today there are various antivirus programs available in the market. But you should pick the correct and most appropriate antivirus program for your device.

Top 5 crucial features to check while purchasing the antivirus

* Budget

The budget is the most crucial factor while buying antivirus. If you have a reasonable budget, then you can choose the antivirus which provides various advanced features like cloud storage, backup, multiple device protection, parental control, etc.

But if you don’t have sufficient budgets, then you can choose plans with all basic necessity features. If you don’t use the internet on your device and using it for performing simple tasks like creating word files, watching movies, etc. then free antivirus plans are good enough for you.

* Device specification

Your device can run only those programs smoothly, which are compatible with them. You have to check the device specifications and then choose those antivirus plans which are compatible with your device and also fit in your budget.

* Malware protection

The primary job of your antivirus is to protect from viruses. But today infections are not the only threat to your device. Even most of the device has an inbuilt security feature for fighting against viruses. There are various other kinds of malware that can harm your appliance, corrupt your files, steal your data, and perform multiple other inappropriate jobs on your device. Choose the antivirus which is providing you security from all kinds of malware like viruses, rootkits, adware, spyware, Trojan Horses, etc.

* Secure Browsing

If you are netizen, then you must install an antivirus that provides a safe browsing feature. The Internet is the most potential place for getting malware. Just by visiting the URL, you can’t be sure that the page is assured or not. The secure browsing feature of checks the URL before loading it on your network. If the page is insecure; it blocks the page and shows you an alert that the page you are trying to access can be malicious.

* Firewall

Another feature that is necessary for your network is your firewall. The firewall monitors the traffic while entering the network. If anything suspicious tries to enter your system; your firewall stops it. A personal firewall not only checks the incoming firewall but also the outgoing data from your device.

* Password Manager

Remembering different passwords is a bit difficult. For ease, people use the same password for various accounts, which can be dangerous. The password manager tool of your antivirus; keeps your all account details secure. You have to remember the key to your password manager tool for accessing other account details.

* Parental control

If your kids are using your device, then you should use the parental control feature because it filters the search results and keeps your kids secure from inappropriate content available on the internet. Other features that you should seek are VPN, anti-theft control, data shredder, email protection, anti-spam, etc.

Seven crucial features to check before installing antivirus

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