• July 16, 2024

5 Reasons to Leverage YouTube in Your Business

What does the play button in red symbolize? Even a four-year-old can answer this question. This iconic button and this video-hosting platform is nothing less than a cultural staple for more than a decade now. First launched in 2015, every person with an internet subscription opens this video platform at least twice each day. That’s a minimum!

Not only is it a common reference spot for finding recipes, amazing makeup tutorials, and ultimate music, but also a launching pad for careers of some of the best artists today. Some instances are PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and so on. Just like when I want to check the latest Cox Internet prices, I involuntarily go to Google. In the same way, if you have to check Ariana Grande’s new release, your go-to source is YouTube.

From the perspective of business, one cannot deny the effectiveness of leveraging video marketing. And it applies to businesses of all sizes. If you are still missing out on this video giant, check out the following reasons. You need to stay on top of your YouTube game to do the best in your niche.

Target a Massive Global Audience

Numbers don’t lie, do they! According to a rough estimate, YouTube is pulling in more than 1.8 billion users per month. It is the second largest search engine. Second only to Google, which is way bigger than Yahoo and Bing. You just cannot miss such a huge audience.

Videos, if made crisp and engaging, can prove to be the best marketing tools. Use them to introduce your products or services effectively. If you do this job effectively, you can do better than all your competitors in your niche.

Enjoy Improved Rankings

In case you don’t know already, here is an essential snippet of info. Google owns YouTube now and this is in your favor. Wondering how? Well, let us simplify it for you. Many SEO strategies, which apply when we want our content to rank on google, apply on YouTube as well. Your ranking can be improved in SERPs.

Learn How to use InstaGramTV for Business Marketing Strategy

Make an effort to fill out the profile completely and add the URL for your site. Label all your videos well and use the keywords of your niche organically and appropriately. Another effective strategy is embedding your videos on your website, blog, social media pages, and wherever you can. This will make you easier to find.

Integrates with Social Media Marketing

In general, the video format is fairly popular across social media. On Facebook alone, users watch more than eight billion videos every day. People also love to share trending and viral videos on social media. In short, video content is doing much better than text and images combined. You can exponentially increase your business exposure by leveraging video content.

The more popular a YouTube video is, the higher it will rank. And as it goes trending and viral, people are more likely to click the associated links. Hence, your online business presence will get a solid boost.

Go Viral

Have you experimented with viral marketing? A snippet of video content can become so popular that you will be exhilarated. Every internet user has their favorite viral videos. From baby pandas sneezing and kids being cheered by his fellas, to accomplish a task to the making of most creative Halloween masks, we have all had a good share of viral videos. Some of these videos racked up as many as millions of views. Some have even made their way to TV channels.

Whilst creating your video content, try to follow the trending trends. But also focus on delivering value to your viewers. If you are successful to create viral video content, your ranking and following will go to new limits!

Try incorporating the following things in your video content:

  • It should be informative and enlightening.
  • It should trigger viewers to think about your brand. You can base it on a certain context.
  • Try to convey strong emotions and powerful feelings to engage your viewers.
  • Make sure they easy to spread and promote.
  • It should have practical value. It should be expertise-driven and enlightening. It should offer solutions.
  • Stories and narrations can do wonders in engaging your viewers.

Boost Engagement with Your Clients

You can make the interaction between you (seller) and your clients (buyers) relatable by using video content. Demonstrate your products and services in a way to offer solutions to their problems. Take a step further with YouTube and venture into lifestyle marketing. It does a great job when it comes to online businesses.

In short, YouTube is a game-changer when it comes to business marketing. It is free, cheap, and highly noticeable. Even if you had to give a calling guide for something as boring as Cox pay bill number, you can leverage YouTube to make it engaging and simpler.

If you don’t want to lag behind in the competition, make sure you are taking advantage of this incredible video-sharing forum. Good luck!

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