• July 22, 2024

How Title IX Has Affected Colleges and Students?

Title IX has literally changed the way of approach for females at the place of work as well as in educational institutions. Before the commencement of this law, women were believed to be meant for household work only. They were not given a chance to come to the mainstream of society.

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Girls were not given a chance to play and take part in any of the sports events in the schools and universities. The society was a bit male-oriented and the women were suppressed everywhere.

However, Title IX came as a permit for the girls to fly high. The title came into existence in the year 1972 and everything changed for once and all.

The sex-based discrimination ended and all students irrespective of their caste were given proper access to quality education and sports after this title came into effect. If you find any such discrimination taking place in the present times, you can get in touch with a title ix defense lawyer.

Positive aspects of Title IX:

Right to education and employment

After the commencement of title IX, girls were allowed to take up any course in the educational institutions as per their wish. This title allows both the sexes to have an equal right to education and study any course regardless of any prevailing gender stereotypes.

Women started enrolling themselves in courses like engineering, medicals sciences, and many other technical subjects. After the completion of education, girls were allowed to take up any employment as per their educational qualifications like canvas tcisd.

They were no longer discriminated based on gender and forced to do household work only.

Persuasion of higher education

Women started going for higher education and enrolled themselves in higher education courses to earn more and more degrees. The participation of women in a career in technical programs has seen an exponential increase.

Before the commencement of this title, only 7% and 9% women earned a degree in law and medical respectively, however, after the inclusion of the title the numbers increased to almost 47% and 48% in law and medical studies.

The percentage of women in technical education has also increased from 0% in the year 1972 to 25% in the year 2010.

Employment of women in educational institutions

Women started being faculty members of educational institutions. Their tenure track in the employment sector has also been highly affected. In the year 1979, the tenure track of women was only about 9% whereas, in the year 2006, it has been calculated to be more than 28%.

In present times, women nearly account for more than 40% of the full-time employees and more than 50% of part-time employees in various employment sectors. Not only in schools and colleges, but women also moved ahead to be a part of all major employment sectors. You can get in touch with a title ix law firm if your employment aspirations are being compromised because of your gender.

Made women clear winners in sports

Title IX has played a great role in making women winners in sports. This influenced the active participation of girls in athletics. In the year 1972, at most 30000 women participated in various college sports activities but in the year 2011, this number has increased to 190000.

This is more than six times increase in the percentage of participation. Before the commencement of this title, women used to receive only two percent of the budget for sports in school and college.

However, after Title IX, the budget percentage has moved to 48% of the total allocated budget. Women have achieved a lot in the field of sports after the title IX gave them a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with boys.

Pregnancy was no more a barrier for education and employment

Pregnancy is no longer a barrier to women’s education and employment. Prior to Title IX, girls who happened to get pregnant were kicked out of the education system. This was not only with students, even the women teacher faced the tough consequence of getting pregnant.

They used to lose their routine job and were no longer reinstated. But after the commencement of the title IX, pregnant teacher and students were protected against the blatant discrimination and were not forced into less academically challenging programs in the educational institutions. Title ix defense lawyer can be helpful in pulling you out of situations when your pregnancy starts being a reason for your termination.

This is the 21st century and there are still places in which women have not been given equal rights. The time has come to think about all those instances and bring about the concerned changes for the betterment of society.

If the world is to be made a better place, then women have to be given equal rights in all fields and there should be an end to all the discrimination. Title ix attorney work for the betterment of women all over the world.

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