Various amenities are being rolled out by Waymo to nudge riders towards their self-driving cars.

Now, it is providing WiFi services in its driverless taxis in Phoenix, which has been operational since December. Ad-free streaming for music has been around since April via Play Music.

Waymo has also installed car seats for children in minivans, with every car set to 72 degrees to battle Arizona’s heat. It is trying to send the message that Waymo One cars are a better alternative compared to others. Cleanliness, size, and sketchy or chatty drivers are the most common complaints among passengers. However, now passengers can get exactly what they pay for.

Chandler city has allowed staffers to claim Waymo rides as expenses, to boost worker productivity.

Waymo and its rivals are currently bleeding cash. Elimination of drivers would stop that. Providing quality and consistent services and offers like video, music or internet streaming could produce extra money as well.

Waymo is currently valued at $100 bn. Mark Boyadjis of IHS Markit stated that the winner in this sector would be someone who provided the best experiences and solutions.

Spokeswoman McGoldrick stated that riders were encouraged to make the cars their own space.

Over 1000 users are in on the trial. WiFi will be provided to these users, but they have to keep the features confidential. It is yet to be known if WiFi is an enticing offer enough.

However, passengers can now utilize their devices fully, which wasn’t possible when they were driving, as per Micah Miranda, a manager at Waymo.

Productivity gains will be measured via this trial. Waymo has declined to reveal several details about its WiFi. However, there won’t be any usage restrictions, it said.

Ad-free streaming of music is available via the van’s speakers at no additional costs. Songs can be heard as per passenger choice. They may also link Play Music and Waymo accounts for their custom playlists. While drivers are available for emergencies, they do not speak in general. A passenger from Arizona, Allison Lewis praised the car’s peaceful environment.