• May 25, 2024

Mars Can Be Made Habitable By Frozen Smoke Material, Scientists Find

Even though there have not been revealed any possibility of breathing on the Red planet, humans have already considered the prospect of living one day on the Mars. But the difficulty with this idea is that, life-threatening circumstances are experienced by Mars, which might make the existence of human beings unbearable. Among them, there are 2 most dangerous situations, comprising high levels of radiation and extremely low temperature from the Sun. Due to both of these circumstances, the Red planet is presently not habitable for plants, human beings and additional forms of life.

Still regarding sending people to Mars, debates are going on, with some even suggesting a human settlement of the Red planet in the upcoming future. NASA, the space agency of America has strategies of transferring humans to the Red planet. The aim of NASA is to first give back human beings to the moon by the year 2024. Afterwards the agency is planning to take out some Moon task in research for transferring astronauts to the Red planet by the year 2030. A plan, which might make it happen for human beings to not only visit the Red planet, but to stay there has been anticipated by a new research.

The research comprised scientists from Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, Harvard University of America and the Edinburgh University from Scotland. The research, was recently printed in Nature Astronomy, enlightens regarding a material known as aerogel, which might be able to defend any living being on the Red planet. Aerogel has been labeled by NASA as the lightest hard substance known. Mostly aerogel is made up a material originated in glass, known as silica. Often, it is stated as frozen smoke, as it appears like cloud and has less weight. The material, aerogel is extremely light and made up of 99% air.

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