• April 15, 2024

Shazam Can Now Detect Songs Playing On Android Via Your Headphones

Shazam can be an extremely helpful app, capable of identifying songs and finding lyrics for them just by hearing the audio. But one big issue has been the inability of the software to “listen to” music playing via headphones of a device. Rather, consumers have to play the song via internal speakers or discover a method to direct the sound to their tablet or phone’s microphone.

Not anymore. A new function dubbed as Pop-up Shazam in the newest Android edition of the app operates with audio played with Shazam via headphones running in the background.

When detecting music by this method, Pop-up Shazam seems similar to a floating chat logo in your handset’s UI. It emerges to the top of your present display, and once it detects a song it can display the lyrics too. Consumers can turn on this feature in the Settings of the app.

Some users tried out Pop-up Shazam on an Android handset with a series of apps comprising YouTube and Spotify and it operated just fine. Frustratingly, the upgrade is not available on the iOS edition of the app.

That might appear strange considering that Apple purchased Shazam earlier last year, but it is an almost certainly a reflection of the fact that iOS maintains a tighter control on apps as compared to Android. In strictly regulated mobile OS of Apple, having a background app use audio playing via a forefront app is a not a thing, something that has been a long-running issue for call recording tool.

On a related note, the obsession of Instagram with music is extending to Shazam: The song-detecting app now operates with Instagram Stories. Earlier, it was found that users were capable of pulling up Shazam, ID a song, and instantly publish it to their Instagram Story.

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