• July 16, 2024

Mars 2020 Now Has A Mast And Wheels—Report

The next Mars Rover is almost in place for NASA. It has been built by the engineers of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The work took place at Pasadena of California. The mast which looks like a head on the Mars Rover has already been placed. This is planned to be launched in the month of July of 2020.

On 13 June, a pair of wheels and a suspension system has also been added to this robot. The engineers stated that the suspension system on Mars Rover is a permanent part. The wheels will be eventually replaced with a flight model. This operation will take place after Rover 2020 is shifted to Florida. The mast was installed on 5 June. The work was done at a JPL clean room.

The mast is almost 7 feet tall, which comes to 2.2 meters. This will travel to Mars as a part of the Rover. The mast will rise after the Rover reaches Jezero Crater interiors. This will approximately take place in the month of February, 2021. Jezero Crater is supposed to have a delta region in the past. The prime aim of Mars Rover 2020 is to determine the geology of the area. Besides other scientific works, it will also try to find traces of life on Mars which existed years back. This robot has 6 wheels. It is also programmed to collect cache and samples. Though NASA is yet to plan its return, these samples will be on earth if the Rover returns.

A small helicopter is being sent with Mars 2020. This is expected to test the reconnaissance potential of the rotorcraft. The robot also has an advanced instrument which can generate oxygen from the thin, carbon-is-oxide concentrated atmosphere of the planet. This technology supposed to help in future when human beings will land on Mars.

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