• April 15, 2024

Amazing Story Of Google CEO; A Story Of Resilience And Top Intelligence!

During one of his recent press interviews, Sundar Pichai said that after his family installed a telephone in the house, neighbors use to come in and call their relatives. Till Pichai moved to America to study at Stanford University he didn’t had a computer system. After graduating from Stanford, Pichai attended Wharton School, there he studied Business Administration.

Before he joined Google, he worked for McKinsey and Applied Materials. Before he became CEO of Google, Pichai had to perform several job roles viz. overseeing Chrome, being Google’s product chief etc. During his interview, he told the press that America is a land of opportunity and one has to do lot of hard work to make his dream come true. He also said that there are many technological industries in the US whose founders were immigrants. Pichai also said that Google has attained leadership in several fields since it hires the best engineers.

During a press interview, Pichai also said that Google is working on a project which will provide a chance to its user so that he or she can safeguard their data with perfection. At present one of the spokesperson of Google announced that now the users will be able to delete their browsing and location history automatically. He told reporters that there are hundreds of ways in which user’s data gets manipulated over the internet.

Back in 2018, Sundar Pichai had also faced a great deal of protest on behalf of Google’s employees. At that time, many employees of Google had accused the Company for discrimination as well as sexual harassment.

During the interview he also said that companies should have proper work balance so that no retaliation can occur. He further said that at Google there are multiple levels, those check discipline inside the Company’s premises. In 2017, James Damore accused and sued Google for discrimination.

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