• June 25, 2024

Boeing Not Averse To A Changed Name For Its 737 Max

According to the latest news, Boeing has planned to rename its infamous 737 Max aircraft. During one of the press events, Greg Smith said that the aircraft manufacturing company might change the name of its aircraft. Greg Smith also said that the Company will do whatever it can to restore the faith of customers on 737 Max.

Moreover, the officials of Boeing said that the Company isn’t planning to change the name of 737 Max in near future. Officials stated that at present, the primary task of the Company is to make its aircraft available for the general public. Back in March 2019, 737 Max had suffered two devastating crashes, one in Ethiopia and other in Indonesia.

737 Max is considered as one of the bestselling aircrafts of the Company. At present Boeing has a contract to supply 5000, 737 Max but the manufacturing is at halt after two crashes which occurred earlier this year.

Through his Twitter account, President Trump wrote that though he has no idea about branding but he would like to fix 737 Max if he wants to make Boeing a profitable company. He also wrote that if he were the authoritative figure of Boeing then he would have included several advanced features and would rename the plane right away.

While speaking to the press, Shem Malmquist said that most of the passengers can’t distinguish whether they are flying in a Boeing or in an Airbus. He further said that people only concentrate at the ticket price.

During his exclusive interview, CEO Dennis Muilenburg said that the Company would take a considerable amount of time before it wins the confidence of passengers. He further said that once the Company undertakes necessary steps then it would be very easy for passengers to say no to the services of 737 Max.

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