• May 25, 2024

A Mannequin Will Be Carried By Crew Of SpaceX To Space Station

Recently, green signal was given to the Crew Dragon rocket of SpaceX for its first ever flight to the International Space Station. The mission is about to launch on March 2, Saturday. Reportedly, this time a mannequin wearing a spacesuit will be dropped by SpaceX instead of transporting only provisions to the International Space Station. A mannequin with a spacesuit was sent by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, towards Mars behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster in the unveiling launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket in the year 2018.

A Mannequin Will Be Carried By Crew Of SpaceX To Space Station

As per the sources, the mannequin will be kitted out with a range of technical sensors this time to deliver the crew of SpaceX with significant information regarding its strategy to carry human beings inside the capsule of Crew Dragon for tours to ISS and from the International Space Station as well. Since 2012 the Crew Dragon, which is also called as Dragon 2, is carrying the supplies to the international Space Stations. Probably 7 team members can be carried by it and just similar to Dragon, it reaches planetary through rocket launch of Falcon 9.

For the weekend launch from Kennedy Space Center of NASA located in Florida, SpaceX is going to work really hard to complete the arrangements. The 1st launch will be marked by Demonstration Mission 1 to the space station of an operated and built American space rocket and spacecraft planned for human beings. Next outing of the Crew Dragon is arranged in the month of April so that its emergency system can be tested, which is basically intended to save the team in the in any problematic launch event. Reportedly, launching human beings  inside the Crew Dragon is been looked by SpaceX, still for the most awaited mission no dates have been yet finalized.



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