When you are the owner of a business that is concerned with heavy machinery and equipment; then the most important matter that should be on your mind should be to have the right apparatus. But having the right equipment is not the only thing that is crucial; the variety of it is also meaningful.

Various kinds of Moffett Forklift

There are many businesses that can use a wide range of Moffett Forklift but they choose not to for their own personal or maybe financial reasons. But the owners of those businesses must know that there are many advantages of having not all but a few of the following types of forklifts.

Counterbalance Forklift

It has basically two types; one is the 3 wheeled and the other 4 wheels counterbalance forklifts. This forklift is designed to actually counterbalance the weight that is put on the pallet of the forklift. The operation of it is simple and easy as there is a pair of forks fitted in the front.

The Reach Forklift

The reach forklift can lift the items to higher shelves where ordinary forklifts can’t reach with ease. If the racks on to which the objects have to be loaded or unloaded have a very narrow passage then the reach forklift is the best option for these kinds of spaces.

Stacker Forklift

Have you ever seen cars and other vehicles been lifted and taken away? The forklift that does it is a stacker. It has the basic function of stacking various items onto different shelves. If you are the owner of a small warehouse then having the stacker is a good choice for you.

Order Pickers

Many businesses have different areas and places where the products are made and then stacked to be picked up as ordered. For these kinds of distribution houses, order pickers should be purchased and put into use. It has an attachment that enables the workers to stand on the pallet and pick the items of the orders themselves.

Powered Pallet Trucks

It is a single person operated a vehicle that can lift objects to a specific height. Although the height that it reaches is not enough as compared to other kinds but it can give many benefits.

The Side Loaders

This is a very unusual type of forklift to buy from Bobby Park Truck and Equipment as the forklift is fixed at the side of the vehicle. Here again, it has the ability to operate where the aisle has limited space to drive through. In a warehouse or distribution house; the items can be stacked in unusual positions; so the side loader can do the job perfectly.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

This is a specialized forklift used especially for outdoor purposes. The construction industry is the one business that is the most prominent buyer and user of this forklift. The main reason for its use is that it can carry heavy loads across rough terrains. This makes it the most demanding forklift to be used outdoors.

Industrial Forklifts

There are several loads that can’t be lifted even by the rough terrain forklift. For these loads, the best alternative is the industrial forklift. Sometimes they can be sued inside large warehouses where heavy loads must be moved from one place to another.

Telescopic Forklifts

This forklift has a boom attached to it; enabling materials and even people to reach high positions. It is a merger of a crane and a forklift. It is many times been confused with the crane forklift just because of its design, usage and technique it uses to take the material up at heights.

Why have Varieties?

Now as you know that there are many different varieties; it is important to understand that having a few of the kinds of forklifts mentioned above in your fleet will give many advantages to you and your business. You must know that there are 4 benefits that you will have if you have 4 to 5 kinds of forklifts for your business.

Boost the Capability of Work

A single forklift can do only one job at a given specific time. If your business is handling multiple departments and you have only one forklift then it can become problematic as other departments will be lacking behind. Having many vehicles will boost up the capability of the work in the industry.

Lifting many weights of Loads

The forklifts can lift many different weights depending on the type and the power they are driven with. The electrically powered forklift can never carry heavy construction materials. The rough terrain or industrial forklift must be used.

As a Backup Reserve

Every businessman and industrialist must always have machinery and finances I reserve; just in case if something goes wrong. The management must not rely on a single forklift and should have at least two or three forklifts in reserve.

Many can do one type of job

As mentioned above that heavy objects can only be lifted by two of the variety. But these two kinds of Moffett Forklift can also carry lighter weights as well. So many forklifts can do one type of job.