• May 25, 2024

Uber Threatens To Withdraw Business From Austria

In a recent news update, UBER technologies CEO stated that they will withdraw their business from Austria, for the amendment of the constitution, they are inclined at.

According to the coverage made, it had been a free gateway for UBER earlier to set their rates. In Austria, there were two categories of cabs – the first one includes the regular taxis, whose rent was fixed by the province and there are the rentals, who were independent to set their own rates. UBER was in the second category and was enjoying the freedom of fixing their rates.

In the latest news, after the government has distinctly shown their inclination towards making an amendment to the constitution, they have clearly stated that all the taxis and their rental rates will be brought under the provinces and it will be the province to fix the rate. Considering that, UBER CEO stated or rather threatened that in such circumstances, they would be unable to continue their business in the state.

The issue and the words of the CEO have created a silent tension in the context of the Austrian Government and their decision, where none of the parties are really ready to step out and allow the other one to hold the ground. Standing at such condition, it is quite evident that, either one – government of Austria or UBER will have to make the compromise. Now, who will be going to do that is to be observed in the coming time show.

Whoever runs away and whoever turns up, this is going to make a great impact in the economy of Europe and in the future of UBER – this is quite evident and established fact. The entire population of Austria is looking out towards the issue and also willing to get a perfect resolution in the matter.

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