NASA head has given the estimate cost for NASA’S exploratory program, Artemis. An additional amount of $20million-$30million is being added in the project to develop lander capability so that humans can land. The companies have agreed with the recent estimate in order to aid safe landing of humans.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, has explained that a lunar lander, when Apollo was launched required nearly the same amount then. NASA hasn’t yet provided any further details regarding other additional cost estimates or answered media inquiries regarding the same. Although the launch was scheduled to take place at around June 2020, according to recent estimates it may not take place before June 2021. Such a delay can affect launches scheduled for later including the launch of Artemis III which is to carry astronauts on the surface of the lunar.

Bill Beckman the director for NASA programs (Boeing) has stated that the company is progressing at a good pace and that engine section is complete and is undergoing tests and SLS is in its core stage of development. They are positive that launch scheduled for Artemis-I will take place in 2020 itself. So far NASA has only requested for $1.6 billion as additional funding of which only $1 billion has been earmarked to develop lunar lander whereas the rest goes to SLS, science missions & space technology. According to Frank Slazer, vice president of strategy & business development of Aerojet Rocketdyne, various major elements in Artemis such as the SLS, Orion and lunar Gateway, were included in earlier projects. Lunar lander is a new addition in this project. NASA looks forward to land humans on the moon by at least 2024. Other projects of NASA are progressing as per the schedule such as the Orion and are heading towards landing humans on the moon.