• April 15, 2024

LandSpace Completes The Methalox Engine Assembly—Report

LandSpace, a Chinese launch company, recently disclosed that it has successfully concluded liquid methane-liquid oxygen rocket engine’s assembly. Reportedly, this engine is intended to be used for the firm’s novel Zhuque-2 launch vehicle. This assembly was done at Huzhou manufacturing base, eastern China. A successful power pack test of the 80-ton thrust Tianque-12 methalox engine was carried out in March 2019.

A recent LandSpace news release highlighted that the latest engine gets advantage of a modular and integrated design. It will help in reducing the number of components as well as reducing the cost. Prior to June 2019 end, the firm estimates a hot fire test of the latest engine. LandSpace is supposed to employ the TQ-12 engine for its Zhuque-2 medium-lift launch vehicle. The firm claimed that the launch vehicle is supposed to be the foremost Chinese rocket supported by methalox propellant.

On a similar note, a latest update highlighted that the first huge batch of SpaceX Internet satellites will have to wait for another week to get in the air. Elon Musk’s firm scrubbed the launch of 60 Starlink spacecraft this week, citing an aspiration to upgrade software and carry out some additional checks.

Through Twitter, SpaceX representatives proclaimed the firm has to postpone the mission to update satellite software and triple-check everything again. He added that the firm always intends to do everything it can on the ground to maximize the success of mission. Further, he highlighted the upcoming launch opportunity in about a week. Reportedly, the recent scrub was said to be the 2nd in as many days. SpaceX also called off an effort earlier due to heavy high-altitude winds. Starlink is intended to offer affordable Internet access to global population. The initial five dozen spacecraft won’t be almost enough to do this. SpaceX will require approximately 400 satellites to offer minimum coverage and almost 800 for moderate coverage, Musk proclaimed.

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