• July 22, 2024

Twitch Takes Legal Action To Identify Trolls That Posted Violent Content

Twitch, the Amazon-controlled game streaming service, is taking legal action against anonymous trolls who published a series of illegal and harmful content, comprising the Christchurch shooting, on the service late previous month. If the firm verifies these people, they aim to ask the court to ban them from employing the service and oblige them to pay damages, as per media reports.

The clips were published previous month by a controlled group of trolls in Artifact category of Twitch. The group of trolls is named as John and Jane Does 1-100 in the lawsuit. Besides the video featuring the Christchurch shooter, trolls also posted copyrighted movies, porn, and television shows, and other harmful & illegal content.

“Over the last month, we came to know a number of accounts involved in a coordinated assault aiming at the ‘Artifact’ segment to share content that disgustingly violated our rules,” a spokesperson of Twitch claimed to the media in an interview. “We operated with urgency to eliminate the offending material and banned all accounts involved in this behavior, and are taking actions to stop this from taking place on our platform in the future.”

The spokesperson carried on, “We take these breaches very seriously—we are pursuing lawsuit to verify these people, and will take all suitable measures to defend our society.”

On a similar note, Twitch users can now rejoice their victories using musical GIFs. The Amazon-controlled service earlier got a new extension that will include support for TuneMoji, a platform where consumers can upload and create short visual and audio mash-ups. Users will be capable of adding TuneMoji content into their live broadcasts and offer viewers the capability of sharing GIFs in the conversation. GIFs and other material are not exactly new to Twitch. The streaming platform has provided support for extensions since 2017 and launched a Giphy extension in 2018.

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