• April 15, 2024

Techstars, Starburst Begin Accepting Proposals For Space Focused Accelerator

Starburst Aerospace announced its plans in San Francisco, on the February 12, 2019. It plans to begin accepting applications towards an upcoming Accelerator focused on space in Los Angeles. This project is backed by the Air Force in U.S, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, SAIC, Maxar Technologies, the Aerospace Industry in Israel and Lockheed Martin. The Techstars Accelerator program is scheduled to begin its application review process, of 10 companies, eager to participate in this three month long program.

Techstars, Starburst Begin Accepting Proposals For Space Focused Accelerator

Matt Kozlov, the managing director of Techstar Space Accelerator, mentioned that each of the participating companies will receive a sum of $120,000 as an investment and will have an opportunity to interact with mentors who have experience in space technology. Along with this there will be executive mentors who will tutor these companies and help them prepare their space investment plans. Kuzlov mention to Spacenews that it is the goal of the program to help the companies achieve two years of space traction experience in two months.

In the first month of the program the executives are scheduled to be a part of around 15 meetings each day with customers and partners. Kuzlov mention that the executives have flown around the world to attend these meetings, looking forward to strategic tie-ups.

Roughly a year back, Techstars was a company with a dozen accelerators, started finding space technology entrepreneurs. That is when they joined hands with Starburst to look forward to strategic bond with immense intellectual property and technologies to master. Starburst Co-founder Van Espahbodi mentioned that the company has been successful in putting forward the startup ecosystem, by bringing the right corporate sponsors together in the last few years. They would continue to do so in the years to come and the path from here is predicted to be upward sloping.

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