• July 22, 2024

Scientists Claiming To Have Produced First Gene-Edited Babies Suspended By China


China has reportedly stopped all the research activities of some of the scientists that have actually claimed to have created something which seems pretty hard to believe at first. As per the claims, the scientists say that they have created the first ever gene-edited babies in the world, as per the reports obtained from the local sources. A Chinese scientist named He Jiankui recently announced on this Monday that a couple of healthy twins were born in this month and that too from the embryos altered, which has actually made them resistant to the HIV.

The Authorities in China have actually accused the man by saying that all the claims made by him are actually abominable in nature and this is indeed the violation of the Chinese law, as per the reports. As per the vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, named Xu Nanping, these twins which are gene edited, and all the matter around these which has been broadcasted over the media , has actually violated many of the Chinese laws as well as regulations, and it has also breached the bottom line of science ethics. All these things are said to be completely unacceptable by the man.

While the process of the aforementioned nature is being used, it is still not known whether this kind of process is actually good or safe. Nothing is yet known about the future effects of the same. These processes where the genes of embryos are edited are actually banned in many countries that include the United States, and many other countries. In some of the countries, such as the United Kingdom, these processes are only allowed for some research purposes and other ways which can use these as a source of learning. Only time will tell about the future of practices like these.

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