• April 16, 2024

Former Manager Accuses Facebook Of Major Discrimination Against Black People


Recently, one of the former strategic partner managers for the role of global influencer at the social-media giant Facebook, which is led by Mark Zuckerberg, sent a memo to the entire lot of employees at the company, which is actually a memo of nearly 2,500 words, and it says that the company has a black people problem. The memo was sent to the employees soon before the man took a decision to leave the company, as per the Guardian.

The man is named Mark S. Luckie, and in the memo written by him, he had also published a note which was a public Facebook note, and under this note which was published on this Tuesday, the man said while addressing the black people that they are outpacing the other groups by a huge margin. He also added that despite this fact, the interests of these people are actually getting seriously ignored by the company Facebook, and all the previous attempts that were made to address this particular situation has actually resulted in nothing.

The man also noted that there has been more than one incidence where the black people’s accounts were suspended or in some of the rare cases, their contents were removed, also, in some cases the requests made by them were ignored. He also said that many of the black people are treated with serious disrespect and many such cases have been there. While the company has made some progress when it comes to hiring more and more employees which are of the black ethnicity, the inclusion is only getting promoted while the diversity is not, as per the statement from the man.

The man also included as many as 10 recommendations at the very end of the same post, which shed further light on the same issue. Many people at the company seem to agree with the man and it is evident from the statements received from some of them.

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