• July 22, 2024

Samsung Teams Up With AMD To Launch Radeon Graphics In Its Smartphones

AMD has licensed Samsung to use Radeon, its graphics technology previously used in many desktop PCs and consoles, in its future smartphone chips. Samsung will use RDNA graphics architecture, newly announced by AMD, and will most likely build it into its own Exynos processors. Samsung will pay AMD to get access to AMD’s all new graphics architecture. RDNA is also supposed to be a part of AMD’s Navi Desktop GPUs, which too are in the making.

Radeon graphics card were so far used as an add-up to a computer’s GPU to match the high graphics level. It also served well on the console front. Not just that, it is expected to be used in Google’s Stadia as well, an upcoming cloud gaming service Google is heavily relying on. Radeon is also a part of AMD’s rivals Intel’s CPUs. This is very much expected to be a major upgrade for Samsung. ARM’s Mali GPUs, presently being used by Samsung in its Exynos chips, will likely be replaced by Radeon soon. This means that the graphical update will not be hitting every market across the globe soon as Samsung releases smartphones with different chips in different countries.

Talking of setting itself apart, Samsung is in research to get the 6G network running. Samsung launched a new research recently in Seoul, which will be used to research on 6G network communication along with robotics and artificial intelligence. While the entire globe is still waiting to completely embrace the 5G devices and networks, Samsung has jumped up to the next level. Unsurprisingly, if it works out, Samsung will be the first smartphone manufacturer to bring the 6G network to effect. It will be difficult for all other companies to keep up the pace with Samsung if Samsung continues to research at this pace.

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