• April 15, 2024

Google Maps Comes With A Feature That Warns About Natural Disasters

Google Maps has taken one more step towards becoming your perfect travel guide. After steering you through all those road blocks and traffic jams, Google Maps will now come in handy while there is a natural disaster taking place around you. It will warn you if there is a hurricane around you, or an earthquake hits your area, or even when a flood is expected to hit your area.

When you’re in an area affected by a hurricane, Google Maps will show you a warning with a hurricane forecast. In case your area has just been hit by an earthquake, it will show up the earthquake’s shakemap which will let you know what areas you’re supposed to avoid in order to stay safe. It will also notify of flood forecasts in India.

Google stated that 20% of global flood related deaths take place in India alone, which made it mandatory for them to come up with a flood forecast. When Google Maps shows up a card with these warnings, you can use it to share the details of the natural disaster with people you feel could get affected and help them stay safe as well. The card can also be used to send your location details to any of your contact. Google Maps is expected to add a bit more to these features later this summer, as it is expected to add identical features to navigation as well.

This is not the only update which you think Google Maps can come up with. Google Maps will come up with a feature that highlights the special dishes of a restaurant. Once you search for a restaurant, Google Maps will show the special dishes the selected restaurant has to offer, along with the other details of the place, including photos and address.

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