• June 25, 2024

Google Combines All Its Travel Planning Functions Below One Site

Google is merging its travel-associated goods—Google hotels search, Google Flights, the mobile app for Google Trips, and more—below a single landing page aptly dubbed as Trips. Now when you go to google.com/travel, you will first see Trips which allows consumers plan their travel by getting to know a destination to find alternatives for hotels, flights, vacation packages, or travel guides. And once you have planned your trip, whether via the Google app or not, you can employ Trips to view all the booking receipts to summarize your confirmation codes, itinerary, and travel data, and present them together with weather reports on your travelling dates.

Breadcrumbs of Trips had been scattered via different Google items over the last few months but can now be seen below a single website. For instance, when you have a reservation for a restaurant or a hotel, seeing that business up on Google Maps will show your reservation date and time, and tapping it shows your receipt of confirmation. Maps also provides an Explore feature to display you things to do close to you, and this will also get integrated into the Trips website when you are planning your travel.

On a related note, after first touting AR directions in 2018, Google is finally beginning to launch out the function for Google Maps. Pixel device users will be capable of seeing walking directions in AR, with arrows coming into view in actual world to point them the right direction to go. The firm dubbed the feature an “early preview” at I/O event and did not offer any data as to when it will launch on other handsets. The AR functionality works in the same manner as that of the standard Google Maps, employing the device’s GPS to locate your position.

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