• April 15, 2024

Orange Collaborates With Amazon Over Voice Assistant Technology

Orange, a telecommunication firm from France, recently announced the collaboration with Amazon. Stephane Richard, Chief Executive Officer, proclaimed that the latest partnership will unite their respective voice assistant technologies. The earlier dominator in the field, with its own voice assistant named Djingo, is said to be the subsequent French telecom operator to collaborate with Amazon following Iliad, whose latest advanced set-top box has the U.S. tech giant’s voice assistant Alexa.

Under this joint venture, appeals for buying products online or a service offered by Amazon might be made through Djingo, which was co-formed with Deutsche Telekom. Richard stated that the firm is working with Amazon with an objective to incorporate its artificial intelligence (AI), Djingo and Alexa in its respective devices. Earlier last week, retailers from Austria filed a complaint against Amazon with their national competition authority. This complaint was filed over the U.S. e-commerce firm’s twofold functioning as a marketplace and a retailer.

On a similar note, recently, Amazon came into the news as it revealed the key updates to its Alexa-enabled devices. From this week, Alexa users will be offered an access to the latest features such as app notifications, location-based reminders & routines, email support, and timer enhancements. These features were originally introduced in September 2018. However, they are now available for use.

According to TechCrunch, Alexa support for location hints that the user now will be able to create reminders and routines that are supposed to trigger on the basis of their location. Now, for location-based routines, users can get alerts on the basis of their arrival or departure on a specific location. For instance, user’s “after work” routine can begin when they come home. At present, Alexa app is offering an ability to save locations, such as home and work. People can use these saved locations in reminders and routines.

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