• June 25, 2024

AT&T Now Shows Support For eSIM On Latest iPhones

AT&T is the first primary carrier in the U.S. to include support for eSIM on the iPhone XR and XS, permitting its network to be employed in a dual-SIM arrangement. One of the XR and XS’s headline functions was dual SIM cards support, permitting the handsets to be linked to two networks at the same time. But at the handsets’ roll out, the function did not really operate. Primary US carriers had problems showing support to dual-SIM consumers, and none of them showed support to the eSIM function that actually permitted the carrier to be on the extra SIM card.

Now, that is altering. As part of this week’s iOS update, Apple included eSIM support for extra carriers, and AT&T seems to be one of them. The media spotted that AT&T has launched a help page with a note saying dual-SIM support is obtainable on the XR and XS after downloading the newest update. Hence, if you have an iPhone XR or XS, you must now be capable of employing AT&T on either of your secondary or primary SIM without any problem.

On a related note, AT&T Inc has begun tests in a non-US location and Georgia state to give Internet with high speed over power lines. This data was provided by the No. 2 wireless provider to the media in an interview this week. This marked its newest effort to provide quicker broadband service to more users.

AT&T plans to ultimately give speeds quicker than the 1 gigabit each second that user can presently receive via fiber Internet service employing airwaves of high frequency that travel all along power lines. While the Georgia test is in a rural region, the service might probably be deployed in cities and suburbs, the firm claimed to the media in a statement.

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