• July 22, 2024

Instagram To Offer Better Ad Targeting By Sharing Bookmark Info

How often has it occurred of late that you have seen a product advertisement on Instagram and navigated to it but for some reason or the other have not made a purchase and bookmarked it for future reference? Probably quite a lot, However, a new tool is going to be introduced by Instagram into its platform which allows business owners to keep a track of their products that are being bookmarked so that they can analyze the status of acceptance of their product and devise methods in staying in touch and convincing potential customers in making the purchase through timely interventions and messages.

This tool will come into being after almost a year of introducing the shopping feature. It is slated to be activated from January 2019. Layla Amjadi, the product manager of Instagram said that multiple businesses had contacted them saying that the users were bookmarking the products they were advertising on Instagram but they were not being able to track exactly which product made it more often. This new tool could offer an ideal solution to their problem and finally, they will be able to keep a statistical track as they desired.

Amjadi has said that this will solve the ‚Äúreconsideration problem‚ÄĚ. She believes that many people enter theproduct link or site and browse through it but for a number of reasons like the product not being in vogue at a particular moment or the customer not being to afford it at a particular time, tend to bookmark and exit. However, with the introduction of the new tool, the business will receive an update of such an incident occurring and they can keep a track of it.

Instagram launched the shopping feature in 2016 with the aim of creating a unique shopping experience like a personalized mall for its users. If someone liked a product, they could be redirected to the main website to make a purchase. This feature has been successful as Amjadi claims that almost a billion people use this in order to make purchases per month.

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