• May 25, 2024

Hello Kitty Sets Eyes On The Big Screen, Sign Film Deal With Warner Bros

Hello Kitty is all set to get featured as a movie on the big screen as its owner Sanrio has signed a deal with Warner Bros (WB). It took around 5 years to make this happened and finally, the Japan-based firm who owns Hello Kitty has permitted through a deal to feature there most popular, Hello Kitty with New Line Cinema (unit of WB). In a statement, Sanrio said that they will initiate the search for the talented script and story writers as the plot is not yet decided. As per the deal, Flynn Picture Company will make the Hello Kitty film, the company who has films like Dwayne Johnson starrer Rampage and Skyscraper in its portfolio.

Hello Kitty Sets Eyes On The Big Screen, Sign Film Deal With Warner Bros

The movie will be financed and produced by Warner Bros unit, New Line Cinema, who is known for producing ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ trilogies. Hello Kitty has earned enormous popularity and billions of dollars in last 45 years, Hello Kitty is a mute cat with an adorable hair bow, popular for its cuteness and often used as the sticker on stationery items and school bags along with toys, apparels, it mostly focuses on kids through adults love it too. The Hello Kitty goods are popular across customers in 130 countries and are available in multiple ranges, the iconic kitty is also being licensed for use in theme café’s, amusement gardens. Recently, Japanese railways used the Hello Kitty images on its pink-white colored bullet trains. The Hello Kitty brand is a synonym for cuteness, ‘Kawaii’ in Japanese, the iconic character was believed to be from British lands, born and raised in suburbs of London, as Japan was under British fashion when it got created in the 1970s.

Hello Kitty represents the message of friendship, which it offers to its fans, says Sanrio. Mimmy is her twin sister and the production company New Line Cinema has commented that they are thrilled and excited to work on the project. The project will showcase our joined cultures and interest from decades, added the firm.

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