• July 22, 2024

Google To Add Live Public Comments For Searches Starting With Sports

Google is shutting down its Google + after discovering some of the data privacy flaw, but this should not be at all mistaken as that the search engine giant is not interested in the social features. The crew of 9to5Google has found what is actually appearing in-testing support for the comments on search results.

Currently, the feature will be limited to the live sports matches, but it is going to isolate the feedback from both the viewers and pro-commentators and possibly includes some of the filters to highlight the best comments. And certainly, there would be some sort of moderation to avoid any sort of abuse and spam, from the beginning.

We’ve talked with Google if in case it can shed some more lights on its potential plans. However, there is no surety that this is going to hit the market soon, by any means. Keeping this in mind, the scene is pretty clear for Google. Live commenting on specific events, for now, it is sports, make people stay active on the platform and be more engaged as soon as they have searched for it, instead of just investing few moments to check the score and then move on to any other site. This as well increases the advertising opportunity of the platform and increases the chances of more sports deals and other aspects expected by Google.

This year is so far the most dynamic year for Google. This year the company has made many changes and inclusion of diverse things and services for their users. Recently it has made an announcement that the company is going to shut down the Gmail and now we are hearing about Google+.

Still, there is more than one month left for 2018, we never knew what action we can expect from the search engine giant in the upcoming days.

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