Unknown attackers got access to number of Italian licensed mail accounts, comprising those of security officials and magistrates, in a key cyber assault previously this month, a senior executive claimed to the media this week. Certified emails assure the validity of an identity of the sender, as well as the time and date of receiving and sending the email, offering them an unambiguous legal status.

“This was the worst assault we have suffered since January 2018 and it has had significant repercussions, but the scenario is under control,” claimed in charge of state cyber security, Roberto Baldoni, to the media in an interview. That assault took place on November 12, 2018, and aimed at a server close to Rome which managers verified email accounts for the public management.

Attackers might have accessed info from almost 500,000 accounts, comprising those of almost 9,000 members of a top inter-governmental security organization as well as magistrates. It was not obvious if the accounts of any spy chiefs, ministers, or military bigwigs had been compromised.

On a related note, attackers stole the health data of 1.5 Million people in Singapore comprising Lee Hsien Loong (the Prime Minister), claimed the authorities earlier. This was done with the leader particularly targeted in the largest ever data breach of the city-state. The health and information ministries of Singapore claimed that a database of the government was breached into in a targeted, deliberate, and well-designed strike, defining the hack as extraordinary.

“Hackers repeatedly and specifically targeted the outpatient information and personal particulars of Lee Hsien Loong,” claimed Gan Kim Yong, the health minister, to the media in an interview. “Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency conducted forensic analysis that suggested the attacked to be a targeted, deliberate, and well-designed cyber attack and not the job of any casual criminal gangs or attackers,” he claimed.

Unknown Hackers Attack Italian Certified Email Accounts

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