• June 25, 2024

Google Rolled Out Depth Editing And Color Pop On Photo App Of iOS

A month ago, Google introduces a feature of depth-editing for Google Photos on Android, allowing the android users to edit their portrait photos. After a month, the same feature is now rolled-out in the iOS version. Consider a portrait image you’ve captured, and now with the new feature, you can edit the blurriness of the image as well as tap to change the focus region of these snaps.

Google looks like performing its own processing while the user is moving the depth slider around, the outcome is significantly diverse in several cases, which is much better than it is available in the photo app of the Apple.

However, there are some other camera devices and apps for photo editing that can use the depth data from the iPhone to decreases or increase the bokeh. Tapping on a specific region of the photo to edit the focus is not making a huge difference in short time testing of the new feature; dialing again the blur essentially doing the same thing.

But there is a color pop option available with the new update of the iOS version that is been liked by many people. To use this tap on the primary object and it will stay in color, but the remaining photo will be desaturated to contrast (black n white).

It requires some tapping around to point the ideal spot in case the user wishes to color the whole subject. Color pop was earlier something that the Google Photo’s assistant section would apply to several snaps by default, but now users are capable of doing it manually for any of the portrait images you desire to.

 Both Color Pop and depth editing should be accessible now in case you are working with a recent version of the Google Photo App. These features are introduced to give your images an extra punch.

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