• July 16, 2024
Data Science What Is The Need For It

Data Science: What Is The Need For It? Why Is It So Important?

Data Science What Is The Need For It

What is the need of data science?

Today, the world is witnessing a dramatic change in the complexity and volume of data that is being produced. Every firm or organization, however big or small it may be, is generating its own data each day. All this data being produced every instant if taken together, gives off an overwhelmingly large quantity of data. It is said that as much as several petabytes of data is being produced every day if all the data sources are  taken together. Earlier, the focus of scientists and engineers was to find the way for storing larger volumes of data, but now, processing all his data has become an even larger concern. Such an enormous large quantity of data becomes next to impossible to deal with using the old, traditional methods of data analysis. This is why the need for a more efficient and hi-tech approach towards data processing and utilization emerged, resulting in the birth of the huge field of data science.

Importance of data science and its main real-world applications

Data science is a very important discipline and whether you have ever realized it or not, we are using it heavily in our day-to-day work. Some of these are briefly discussed below: –

  • Internet search – We often use the internet to search things of our interest or of our use. Whenever we want any information, we directly do a google search and easily find the desired information. This all becomes possible only because of a very rigorous data processing that the search engine does in order to deliver you the most optimum results.
  • Targeted advertisements and re-targeting – You must have noticed that when you open any online shopping or other service, you are shown a “recommended” list. Also, while surfing on the internet, you are often shown advertisements of products or services that you had earlier searched for. This may sometimes also feel irritating to many of you, but have you ever wondered how they come to know that you are interested in it? Well, the internet keeps so much information about you that you can’t even imagine, which too, is done with the help of data science only.
  • Speech and face recognition – These days, some newly launched smartphones come with face recognition technologies using which, you can navigate in your phone, click pictures and even use your face as a password. Speech recognition and processing systems area also being developed using machine learning techniques. This is one of the major topics of research in the field of artificial intelligence (IT). Using this, robots in the future will be able to properly comprehend and speak like a human being.

So, the vast field of data science is a very rapidly developing field full of opportunities. It already has very large applications in our daily life, which is going to further increase in the upcoming future.

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