• July 22, 2024
Bayer Faces Class Action Law Suit from Women in Australia

Bayer Faces Class Action Law Suit from Women in Australia

Bayer Faces Class Action Law Suit from Women in Australia

German pharmaceutical company Bayer is going to face law charges over a sterilization device. The said device has reportedly caused a number of various medical complications among women all over the world. The device is called Essure implant. Australian women are all set to file the case against Bayer. The company will also have to face similar repercussion in countries like UK, US, and Canada.

Women who have been using the implant complained of chronic pain and harmful reactions to nickel. The company, in its defense, has said that the devices are totally safe as they were formulated after an extensive research. The product was removed from the markets of US in July and Bayer stalled its supply in other countries as well giving commercial reasons for the withdrawal. They still stand by the safety and efficiency of the product.

Slater and Gordon, a law firm from Australia said that this lawsuit is going to determine whether the device had manufacturing defect right from the start. They are said to be contacted by a large number of Australian women. The number of devices sold all over the world crosses 7,50,000. They were first introduced in Australia in 2010. The small implant shaped like coils were made of polyester fibers and nickel. It was used to stall the movement of eggs from reaching the womb in women. The process is known as hysteroscopic sterilization where the fallopian tubes are blocked by triggering inflammation.

Women who faced problems with the device had to undergo the hysterectomy to take out the coil. As one Australian woman says that she was under grave pain along with partial memory loss for around eight years. Muscle pain, menstrual bleeding, pain at the time of intercourse an inflammation in the pelvic area are some of the other complications faced by the women using the device.

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