• July 16, 2024
YouTube Is Watching That How Much You Are Watching YouTube

YouTube Is Watching That How Much You Are Watching YouTube

YouTube Is Watching That How Much You Are Watching YouTube

However, the digital health features are still in beta phase and are online accessible on Pixel phone, Google is spreading its efforts to monitor digital health and wellness to YouTube, majorly to assist the users from watching a lot of bad videos.

The latest tools are in itself are very simple and has all of data that can tell you the amount of time you spent on watching YouTube, some more features which allow you to define what kind of notification you will receive and how many time it comes, and the functionality of defining the time limits to make you take breaks at regular optimum intervals.

The stat provided by YouTube was categorized into today, yesterday and past week along with a weekly average to provide the users with an optimal idea about the time they spend on watching videos.

Though the data depend on what is there in your watch history, in case the user tends to clear the history or our history is turned off, the app is not able to give you precise data about your watch time.

However, it is not been clear that whether the video streaming giants count the Offline videos that the user watch without being online. And in case if a user has multiple channels under one Google account, the user needs to switch to its main account to see the stats of watch time.

Right not, it seems like the time spent on watching the YouTube Videos while signed into any other channel cannot count in your primary account.

It is very easy to check for your watch time in a mobile device, the user just needs to click on the image and open the setting section, and then clicking on the option reads “Time watched.” However, for desktop devices, it’s been noted that Google hasn’t updated its web interface.

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