• April 15, 2024

VK the Russia’s Facebook: Protect Children from Its Harmful Content

We are all aware of the mighty social media app and websites Facebook, but have you heard about the Russian version of Facebook known as “Vk”. Vk or Vkontakte is very popular in all across Europe. In the year of 2006, Vk was one of the most famous social media platforms in Europe including Russia. If you are a Vk user then you must know that it has similarities with Facebook. It also enables you to make friends online, send receive messages, share multimedia in terms of photos, videos, and plenty of other activities that you can perform on Facebook.

However, VK users can also join and make communities, groups, and pages. On the other side, when it comes to the harmful menaces Vk is far more dangerous than Facebook. Therefore, the bombardment of x –rated content on Vk is far greater than any other social media platform. Users can harbor sexual fantasies on their digital devices using VK social media app and website.

You can see multiple porn communities filled up with sex videos and photos that can ultimately harm young users. Dramatically similar to Facebook, Vk is also popular among youth. It means young kids and teens get their eyes on adult content and further they may encounter online predators such as bullies online, stalkers, sexual predators and child abductors.

Stats about VK in terms of the privacy

  • Reports say that almost 700000 thousand VK users are using password “123456”
  • Almost 400000 users are using a weak password like “123456789”

It means teens and kids privacy get breach at any point of time if they are among the top mentioned peoples. They may get lose their private data in terms of videos, private photos, names, address and school names. Therefore, parents should monitor kids and teens VK social media accounts before they become the victim of harmful content shared by the predators and get trapped online. Let’s have Vk spy software to track all the activities of teens on their cell phone devices.

Install cell phone spy software to protect kids from Vk’s harmful content

If you want to protect your children from VK’s harmful content then you have to install the mobile spy app on your teen’s mobile device. However, you should your hands on the Vk monitoring app and all you can do it if you install cell phone surveillance software. So, get started by visiting the webpage of the phone tracking app and get a subscription.

Additionally, you can get the login credentials by visiting your email you have provided for the subscription. Now you need to get access to the targeted mobile phone device of your teen. When you have the device in your hands simply connect it with cyberspace and then start the process of installation. After you have finished with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device.

However, you can secretly monitor the Vk account of your target person but before you activate the cell phone spying app you can use the pop –up messages on the screen to hide the icon of the tracking app for cell phone. Now you can use the credentials and have access to the online control panel of the cell phone monitoring app. Now you can get your hands on the tools that work as VK surveillance tools. Let’s get to know about these tools in the following.

Vk live screen recording

You can remotely get access to the target cell phone device screen using live screen recorder software. Furthermore, you can record live screen recording of the target phone screen and make short videos of the screen back to back and auto-delivered to the web portal. You can see the live recorded videos and further get to know about all the activities of your teens on the Vk spy app or website.


You can remotely capture screenshots of Vk activated on the target phone screen and get to know what teens and kids are doing on the Vk social media platform.


Cell phone surveillance software is the best tool that can easily empower parents to protect teens from the harmful content of Vk to the fullest.

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