• May 25, 2024

Sir Paul McCartney Performs A Secret Gig At The Cavern

Sir Paul McCartney Performs A Secret Gig At The Cavern

It has been more than 60 years since Paul McCartney, the legendary Beatles singer and bass guitarist, first entered the Cavern Club. On Thursday McCartney “secretly” had a gig on the same stage. So much as 250 people appeared to hear the legend perform his 28-song set.

The songs he performed ranged from classic Beatles hits from the 60s to songs from his latest solo album.76-year-old McCartney addressed the crowd saying how amazing it was for him to return to the Cavern.175 fans were lucky enough to get free tickets from the box office arena after the announcement of the show on Thursday morning. McCartney kicked off the show with lyrics from Michelle.

He had auditioned with this song in 1957 for John Lennon. Back in the early 60s the Beatles played 292 times at the Cavern. McCartney has played once at the present Cavern since then in 1999.Homages to George Harrison and John Lennon were paid. In Spite of All the Danger was a part of his song-set which was written and recorded while they were The Quarrymen. Wings and Beatles hits like Band on the Run and Magical Mystery Tour and many more from Egypt Station, Paul’s new solo album, were also sung. His virility and vigor were clearly reflected in his gig. The lyrics of Come On To Me might have had suggestions of McCartney still casually dating if he wasn’t a happily married man. The song Fuh You, as the singer said, can be interpreted freely. James Jardine, a concertgoer said that McCartney has “still got it”. Many others weren’t as lucky and waited outside to steal a look of the man. The rock legend played at the Philharmonic pub for the TV show by James Corden for around 50 fans. Monday saw him performing at Abbey Road Studios as stars like Johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue and Stormzy watched.

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