Same-Sex Vulture Couple Hatches Abandoned Egg

AMSTERDAM – The couple living in captivity in an Amsterdam zoo took turns for two months, brooding the egg until the pigeon was born in excellent health.

Two male vultures that have a long-standing relationship at the Royal Artis Zoo in Amsterdam successfully bred an abandoned egg of a bird of the same species, reports Canada’s CBC.

The birds took turns for two months until the pigeon was born in excellent health. In addition, the couple has assumed their role as parents and according to the authorities of the Dutch zoo, they are doing very well.

“We have had them for several years, they always build their nest together,” said caretaker Job van Tol.

To feed the vulture pigeon, parents regurgitate food, as do all carrion birds.

Another characteristic of the griffon vulture pairs, to which the gay couple in question belongs, is that they stay together for the rest of their lives.

Zookeepers said it is not uncommon for gay vultures to join wildlife, as this couple decided in captivity.

As far as the Royal Artis Zoo in Amsterdam is concerned, it is the first time in five years that an egg has successfully hatched.

“They did, the egg hatched,” Van Tol said. They are good parents, they make everything good, they are very protective, it’s beautiful, “he added.” The chick is 20 days old and grows crazy.