• June 25, 2024

Research Suggest Link Between Diabetes, Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s and Diabetes are two diseases with apparently no link with each other. However, patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes have higher chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have not yet found the link between the two. Mice were taken as possible experimental objects to carry out the study. Researchers tried to study the effect of creating a block on insulin receptors and IGF1 i.e. receptors that had insulin like growth factor in them.

Research Suggest Link Between Diabetes, Alzheimer’s

Researchers focused on hippocampus as well as central amygdale – parts of brain which influence metabolism and cognition function. They studied on how mice with deactivated IGF1 receptors and insulin handle mazes. The mice were first let to explore and understand the maze. Then a pathway was blocked before they were put in the maze again. Certain mice couldn’t understand the maze and tried to push their way inside.

Professor of Medicine from Harvard Med School, Mary K. Iacocca and Chief Academic Officer at Joslin, C. Ronald Kahn said that this experiment is the first one to have showed a link between interrupted pathways and issues of cognition.

Alzheimer’s disease mainly occurs from dementia. An individual generally suffers memory loss or various others cognitive problems which are dangerous to the level of disrupting normal livelihood. Although older people get affected by it, young people can also get Alzheimer’s. This condition only gets worse as time progresses as no cure has been found for it yet. Age, genetics or family history are significant factors for someone to get Alzheimer’s which cannot even be avoided. Hypertension or stroke might also end up in Alzheimer’s.

People with both Alzheimer’s and Diabetes have certain abnormal receptors in their body. Scientists are trying to find out exact causes for the link. Patients suffering from obesity and diabetes face hindrance in the pathways. This is one of the prime reasons why people having both the kinds of conditions suffer from higher levels of Alzheimer’s.

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