• April 15, 2024

Nissan Offers EV Batteries One More Chance By Using Them To Power Trailers

Once the batteries in electric vehicles are worn down further than the point of being helpful to the vehicle, something needs to be done. Nissan has a new solution that will assist expand the battery life by repurposing it into a fuel source for camping Opus’ trailers.

The battery recycling solution by Nissan is made possible by a machine the firm generated dubbed as Roam. It is a tiny cube that is bundled with the Li-ion battery cells pulled from first-gen Nissan cars and can be tied to an Air Opus trailer. Roam can amass almost 700 Wh of electricity and provides 1 kW of electricity. This is sufficient to power small appliances, devices, and the onboard heating system & lights in the trailer. Nissan states that when the battery is connected with a 400 W solar panel, it can offer power for a week to the trailer without interruption. The battery can also be charged in only an hour when connected into a power outlet of 230 Volts.

On a related note, motivated by solid sales of its all-electric & affordable Leaf cars, Nissan appears ready to take the battle directly to Tesla and enter into the luxury market. Earlier in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show, the Japanese auto manufacturer disclosed a new electric vehicle that it defines as “an enhanced sports sedan.” It is a far-ranging, ultra quick, all-wheel drive vehicle from the future.

This marks the 3rd time that Nissan has conveyed a sleekly developed EV at the Detroit auto event. The Vmotion was launched a couple of years ago, followed by the Xmotion last year. In 2019, it is the Nissan IMs, an addition to the Intelligent Mobility branding below which the firm classifies all of its semi-autonomous and battery-powered products.

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