• May 25, 2024
man parks his car on newly poured concrete

man parks his car on newly poured concrete

A Nebraska driver could be facing a $10,000 bill after he plowed into newly poured concrete in the township of Lincoln.

When the mann realized the concrete was still wet he stopped and immediately became stuck.

According to a report from the AP, the accident occurred Wednesday on a portion of a road repair project in the state capital. Police spokeswoman Angela Sands said Friday that police won’t cite the driver, 19-year-old Shadrach Yasiah. A police incident report says it wasn’t obvious that the concrete wasn’t dry and that Yasiah drove into it through a 24-foot (7-meter) gap between traffic control cones.

Attempts by Strange News Chronicle to contact Yasiah were not successful.

City engineer Thomas Shafer says the driver is responsible for the repairs. He says the contactor estimated it will cost more than $10,000 to pay for removing the car, scraping out the ruined slurry, repouring more and finishing it.

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